Short or family off road
cycles and walks

Fularton wood troon.
A very small wood with a play area, good for
the youngest in the family.
South of Loans by Troon off the end of the
Take a picnic as there are no facilities.
Portencross and Hunterston peninsula

Distance about 11km.
Not suitable for real youngsters.
There are no facilities on route.
Portencross 3km west of Seamill has a car park.
1.5 km beyond the power stations stay on the shore
road and at the trees go right into Hunterston estate
on the signposted cycle way, past Hunterston castle,
on the cycle way by the main road and then down
to Thirdpart and Portencross on the minor road and
Muirshiel mine cycle.
Signposted off the B786 north of
100m gentle climb over 3 km straight out
the north end of the small park.
There is a small visitors centre where
you may get a sweet snack and drink in
the summer.
Eglinton park walks and cycle

North end of Irvine off the A78 to
Kilwinning and follow signs for Eglinton
Good tracks of about 7 km for all the
Good play park, visitors centre and café
in the summer months.
Irvine Beach Park walk and cycle

Parking at the riverside beyond the Magnum.
There are a selection of tracks suitable for cycling but some
are steep and some are not suitable due to steps.
The area is pleasant for short walks for chidren and has a small
swing park near the lake.
The harbourside has tea rooms, museums and the Magnum
centre has a swimming pool and other facilities to complete a
day out.
Ayr riverside cycle
Parking in Craigie park or at Ayr college by the river in Ayr.
4 km flat out and back suitable for all.
The A 77 can be under-passed safely at the river bridge and the cycle extended to Auchincruive
but take a picnic for this longer run as there are no facilities.
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