Otter Ferry
Boat at Otter Fery
Distance 90km
This is a beautiful route but benefits if
you can be dropped off at the Western
Ferry for Hunters Quay and picked up at
If not then there is a bit of busier road cycling to complete the circuit.
There is parking 3km south of the ferry opposite Cardwell Bay garden centre.
Loch Eck
Colintraive Ferry
The ferry runs every half hour in the summer. The route below goes up the rough track to the west
of Loch Eck and is only suitable for large section tyres, otherwise follow the main road on the east
side of the loch, if you go early it should be quieter.
Cycling north out of Sandbank after the B836 turn left up Glen Massen and in 2km leave the road
through a large wrought iron gate. This leads into the Botanic garden area, go straight through on to
the west Loch Eck cycle track.
This west track is quite hilly but avoids the busy A815 and is definitely worth the extra effort.
At Glenbranter stay on the minor road to Stachur.
Go down to Otter Ferry pub on the B8000, a beautiful little single track road and after a light lunch go
over the hill to Glen Daruel.
On the Colintraive road (A886) turn off along the old road (B866) it is very pretty and  much less hilly.
After this its along to Rothsay and the ferry back to Wemyss Bay.
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