Mauchline, Tarbolton
and Craigie

Landranger map 70

Distance 27km climb 90m

A good parking spot is off the B742 at
the opposite the church on the south east
of Mossblow town (MR408243).
Cycle south on the B746. Go left at the
crossroads to Stair 1 km beyond the river
Ayr bridge and east to Mauchline past
Barskimming and over the river again, or
for a more scenic road do not go to Stair
but go by Keyshill turning left before
Ochiltree down hill to Barturk
(MR495220) and left to Barskimming
Turn away (left) from Mauchline before
the railway bridge and right for 100m on
the B743 then left back to a minor road
(MR487267). Go left at the next junction
and follow the B744 to Tarbolton, leaving
by the minor road west returning to
Mossblown past Neilshill House
This short route can be extended to take
in Craigie village (and pub) and Underhills
near Barnweil monument (MR405295).
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