Kilmarnock circular
Kilmarnock circular

Landranger map 70
Distance 50km climb 190m

A convenient start with parking is the Galston Co-op on the A71 next to the roundabout at the
north end of Galston.
The shop has a café if you need a shot of caffeine before starting.
The Co-op car park has a little lane next to the river so it’s not necessary to go onto the A71.
Go through Galston toward Ayr on the A719 turning onto the B744 at the edge of town.
Follow the B744 to Tarbolton then the B730 to Bogend.
Alternatively take the minors road 2km before Tarbolton past Knowhead (MR439300) and
(MR428309) to Bogend.
There is a nice café in Hays garden centre just before the junction.
Do not cross the awful A77 but take the minor road right 250m before the junction, crossing
the B7038 passing Earlston to Old Rome on the A759 (MR392360).
Take the minor road rather than the B road from Gatehead going right below the A71 at Laigh
Milton mill to Crosshouse and Knockentiber.
Turn right in Knockentiber and immediately left onto the minor road to South Woodhill and
Altonhill (MR420400).
Go over the A735 and onto the B751 east of Kilmaurs.
Continue along the B751 toward Fenwick, after the roundabout there is agated underpass below
the motorway into Fenwick.
The cafe as you enter the north end of Fenwick unfortunately is now no more..
At the south side of Fenwick follow minor roads past Aikenhead, over Craufordland water, Past
Little Raws, Raws, Grougar Mains to the river Irvine near Caprickhill (MR467378), back to
Galston beside the river.
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