A cycle over the backbone of Ayrshire
Distance 50km climb 350m
This lovely little cycle follows minor roads in coastal Ayshire climbing along some pleasant
ridges with great views so is best done on  a clear day.
Start is at Dundonald Castle car park where there is a visitor centre and small cafe.
Turn right out of the car park through the village going right beyond the church then quickly
left. In 4km  go below the A78 and left at the B746 this leads in to Fularton, keep left and at the
ruin of Crosbie church just before joining the B749 go down the grass beside the church, cross
the road and go down a lane. The lane has no tarmac beyond the house.
In 250m go straight across another road  to the Sutrans route beside the railway.
In 1.5km cross the A79 and take the B739 through Monkton eventually going below the A77.
Turn left just after the A77 underpass. In 2km keep right around a 'U' in the road, straight on in
1km climbing to a junction with great views. Go west (left) from here up to a mast  then down
to the A719.
Go left along the A719 1km then right toward Tarbolton but then  immediately left climbing to a
junction in 2km. Right to the B744 2km north east of Tarbolton.
Continue on the B744 for 4km eventually after crossing over a railway go left down past Carnel
to the A719. Go right and immediately left away from the A road. Take next left (1km),  in
2.5km just after the high point in the road go left into Craigie village and Craigie Inn.
After a refreshment continue in the same direction, straight over a crossroads and right at the
In 1.5km cross the A77 and at the junction at the bottom of the hill go left to Symington.
Go right in the town just after passing the small church, straight ahead at the roundabout
outside the village and continue back to the start.
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