Barnweill Landranger map70 distance 37km
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My wife and I did this lovely cycle on a
bright warm August day much of it is on
ridges giving beautiful views over central
Ayrshire north to Ben Lomond, south to
the Merrick west to Arran and east to
Cairn Table.
We started from Mossblown  car park at
MR407243 going south on the B742 over
the river Ayr and left at the crossroads 2
km from the start, turning left to Stair
From Stair we went right to Mauchline, the mid
section of this road has pleasant views south
toward Ochiltree.
At the north end of Mauchline we visited the
café just out of town in the garden centre
(MR493283) after which we took the minor
road behind burns monument toward Tarbolton,
joining the B744 but turning off right just before
Barmoorhill farm, over the hill and down past
Knowehead to the A719, left then right to the
From here we went south a little way and turned right up to Barnweill (Wallace) monument, the
monument cannot be entered but the views from its base, and the memorial itself, make it worth a
From the monument we kept left, anticlockwise round the hill to Pisgah with good views west, then
downhill and left to the B739 going east toward Tarbolton again, turning south after Neilshill farm
back to Mossblown.
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