Busbie Muir Windfarm
Map- Landranger 63
The windfarm has just been completed
(Feb 04) and has provided some nice hill
top tracks where there was nothing of
interest before and some great views
over the Clyde to Arran and Kintyre.I
went from West Kilbride over law Hill to
Blackshaw quad bike area , a short carry
took me to the high wind tubine and the
I investigated the tracks, descended to Busbie
reservior, went up Knockewart hill by the road
past Knockewart farm MR248477, avoided the
worst of the rough ground between Knockewart
and Blackshaw hill by going north west toward
Blackshaw hill and then back to west Kilbride by
the track on the north side of Law Hill
The easiest access to the windfarm
tracks is at Busbie Reservior at MR
241463,from here it is a steep climb up
to the windfarm and a fast descent back
the same way on return.
If you wish to extend the route there is a
quad bike adventure track on the south
side of Blackshaw hill (MR230480)
which can be accessed from the upper
north wind turbine about 250m across
the moor and a fence.The exit from the
quad area is
at the north east edge down to
Blackshaw farm road end at MR235491),
return would then be along the road past
Munnoch reservior.
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More recently three more wind turbines have been built so the routes have
improved. My most recent starts at West Kilbride rail station. Leave the car park
left and go immediately left up steep Law Brae, pass the Castle swing right up
tarmac along the west side of the hill. The track deteriorates and at the 90deg left
bend go straight on into a field 200m to a track, go right along the hedge on the
track out past Yonderton. Left at the minor road climbing up to Hauplands farm.
Take the track on the north side of Hauplands all the way up to the windfarm
tracks. Go right steeply uphill left at the top and next left again on a level track
heading north. Go to the right of the last turbine on a faint quad track down to the
lower track and go right steeply down to a cattle grid and the last turbine. Keep
20m to the left of the turbine over some white cement, up the bank and through the
dry stone wall. Go right on a grassy trail enjoy the view before flying downhill to
the cup and ring rock track. Go left and follow it along the south of Blackshaw hill
then the north side of Law hill through gates and mud back to Law Castle and the