Corsencon and Cairn Kinney Landranger 71
Due to open cast mining the track from Kirkconnel back up to Corsencon hill is shut. The
earliest ascent route is via Hall (MR 685134) entailing 4 km on the busy A76.
Today, November 21st, I figured it
might be a good outing from
Corsencon (MR 671147) to Cairn
Kinney (MR 785214) linking two
tracks together at Dennigall hill
(MR717174) and the trackless bit
from Cairn Kinney to Spango water,
and luck was nearly with me.
The last bit of track at Dennigall hill is fire break
then new cut trees but only 200m to the road so
pretty ok really.
Got my feet wet again at the ford over Duneaton
water and failed to clean the climb up Cairn
Kinney at MR 78722
. From the end of the Cairn Kinney Track there
is a quad track part of the way to Gareland burn
(MR778191) but I lost it and it was still pretty
rubbish for about a kilometre.
The descent beside Glenaylmer burn to Kikland
(MR 722144) was good but very slippy and the
slog upto Corsencon was, as always, a real slog.
Total time 4.5 hours.
See note above.
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