Carrick forest- due to open cast workings this route is
no longer possible
Track above Polquairn
This was going to be a revisit of a Skares
run but the road from Sksres is still blocked
off with open cast mining, so instead I
started from Sinclairston. A small parking
spot at MR467167 on the B7046 just west of
Sinclairston takes one car beside the road.
Lethanhills moor
Forestry work
I went past Old Polquairn, through what is left
of the forest (it’s being harvested) to
MR495902 where there was a danger keep out
(open cast mining) and I had to go west on an
ugly mining track (with some good views).
About MR 469083 this mining track crosses
the old road to Burnhead  so I cycled (right)
along and up to some old workings at MR
460097 then along the hillside past Lethanhill
but should have turned down the shepherds
track at MR 431114  to the mine and then back
up on a decent track (this track starts at the
top of the working beyond a steel pipe) to
MR135124, the straight ahead route I took was
thigh deep grass and a 1 km bike carry.
I then went back to check out the better
route. At MR 440124 I followed a
shepherds track into the trees (push) and
up to the forest road on Bow hill, going
east to complete the loop back the way I
had come, this to save 5 km of road
cycling from Rankinston.
Lethanhill memorial
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