Corsa test drive
I thought I'd take my sons new car for an
outing so I phoned Graham, a cycling
chum, to invite him on an outing at
Corsencon hill New Cumnock.
Going there Bob Marley ‘Legend’ played
on the CD and the weather looked OK.
Ben Lomond was just on the horizon as we set
The 400m bike carry was more more awkward
than I remembered due to felling and
windblown, sorry about the bruises Graham I
should have warned you!
The tracks were fast in places and rough in
The grassy descent to Kirkland was fun if a little
rutted in places and the ‘payback’climb back
over Corsencon was tough but thankfully not
Thankfully Graham got back in time to make his
important job phone call or I would definitely
have been in his bad books.
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