Kelly cut and Leapmoor forest mountain bike route
Landranger 63
Distance 24km 250m climb
Start of the Kelly cut
I returned to the Kelly cut this morning (21April04), starting behind the caravan park on the little
road to Kelly resv (MR 205683).
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From here its a simple matter to find the start of the Kelly cut just off to the left of the main track
before  the reservior.
The cut is a bit boggy in places near the start
but improves.
At Cornalees centre there is a little cafe for a
break, then its down hill and left to Langhill
where the uphill begins to the forest. Fork
right over the gate at the big water works and
follow the track allthe way round to exit at Hill
(are you going to ignore his 'silly' footpath
Vie to the Clyde from the Kelly Cut near Cornalees
There is an alternative exit from Leapmoor
forest which is a bit of a technical downhill to
the scout hut at Everton. It starts on the right
at MR220705 about 150m after the open
views to Inverkip, opposite a small quarry in
the trees and behind a deciduous bush. The
first part is soft but it soon narrows into a little
gully with a rough base.
Daff reservior from the cut
After Everton a nice track leads down past the housing go left at the junction up to Finnock Bog
farm to rejoin the other route.
From Hill cottage go left and left again off the road in 500m past a little old prefab at Finnock Bog
farm. In 1km after a metal gate there is a track to the right this little bit is the highlight of the route
and should not be missed. Follow the track through a wooden gate and freewheel down the nice
single track to a road, go left uphill and return to the start.
This route can be started at Lunderston Bay which gives some extra single track following the
beach track to the marina and using the bridge over the main road into inverkip, right and first left
up to Finnock Bog the route can equally well be reversed if desired but the Finnock Plantaion
singletrack then becomes an extra loop.
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