Lanfine and Loudoun

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Lanfine house
Landranger 70/71
Start at Loudoun church
From the Church go north on a minor road going right at a T junction just before the main
road. Cross the A719 to the track past Howletburn. At the track end go right then left after
600m to climb up to a little single track starting at MR524384. Go left after the singletrack.
Descend to Newmilns, turn right off the main road across
the river and go left by the riverside avenue. Go through the
gates and climb through Lanfine going left above the house
then fork right onto a track in about 150m . Leave Lanfine
onto tarmac left, downhill then up past Knowe and
Richardton farms onto a very rough track overlooking
Above Priestland
Lane near Priestland
Exit the rough
track going left to
Bransfield farm
then right uphill for
1/2km and left on
the Irvine valley
path toward
Parbeth. At the top
of the hill out of
the ford go through
the gate, not to
Parbeth and at the t
junction right
through Burnhead
farm, all the way
round Graystone
hill to Bankend
Drumclog church
Loudoun hill from the old railway
Town house Newmilns
From Bankend go down the B745,
across the A71, behind Loudoun
hill to MR 591379, the old railway.
Follow the old railway (many
stiles so a bit of a pain) to Darvel.
A short cycle on the A71 takes you over the river and
then take a foot track left along the river. Cross the river
back into Lanfine (MR564371) and follow the riverside
back to Newmilns.
Continue along the south of the river through an
industrial area, do not climb the little hill but go right
eventually to a rough track back to Galston on the south
river bank.
At Galston go right out to the A71 roundabout and left
for 300m on the A71. There is a gap in the crash barriers
on the right and a track back to the old church.
Priestland from the old railway
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