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Easy routes         
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The classic Devils Staircase and Rannoch Moor GPX 014
A tough but very rewarding loop from Fersit to Corrour. GPX 012
 Dunkeld - landranger 52 Route in brief 30 km 200m climb and descent on land rover tracks. GPX 015
Achray forest and Aberfoyle Landranger 57 Route in brief 26km 500m climb and descent some nice single track
Moderate routes
A 35km loop with 450m of climb going along some nice but variable single track in Glen Ample, choose a good day to enjoy the views and avoid the mud. GPX 011
A relatively easy 3 day tour of the Cairngorms - GPX routes 010
 Glen Feshie and Glen Tromie landranger 35, 42 & 43 Route in brief 43km 500m climb and descent with  about 3km of more or less trackless ground. GPX 016
Lochaber circular - landranger 41. Route in brief 60km 800m climb and descent with some very remote single track. A dry weather only route. GPX 013
Difficult routes
Ardgartan and Glen Loin 32km and 22km a long day on the bike if you do both routes. GPX  017
East Ayrshire
Achray forest and Aberfoyle Landranger 57 Route in brief 26km 500m climb and descent some nice single track  GPX 018
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Forest tracks around Ardentinny and Loch Eck - GPX 019
Loch Goil and Carrick Castle only for real tough guys who like carrying there bikes 35km 1660m climb,  but some lovely  scenery and trail. GPX 085
An epic 80km  ride for those who dont mind carying and pushing GPX 087
Dunoon and Corlarach Forest. Route in brief. Distance 42 km, climb 600m, uphill carry 2km, rough descent 1km with mountain atmosphere, good views across the Clyde.  GPX 020
Mugdock and Strathblane Landranger 64 Distance 26km 300m climb - GPX 021
Some nice tracks on Bute in a lovely setting, worth a visit. GPX022 & 023
 Gleniffer Braes  12km 200m climb. The routes here tend to be linear so if you like circuits you need to do loops at the east or west. GPX 029
Cornalees Bridge  Landranger 63 Route 1, 9km, 60m climb. Route 2,14km, 200m climb, some push. Good views, especially route 1. GPX 026
 Kilmalcolm. Landranger 63 Route in brief 35km, 250m climb/descent Start GR 313632 at Muirsheil country park 8 km NW of Lochwinnoch GPX 028
Kelly cut and Leapmoor forest Landranger 63 Distance 24km 250m climb  GPX  027
Lunderston and Leapmoor   Distance 14km 200m climb A short route with a tough climb and some nice sections of singletrack. GPX 083
An marvellous through route from Muirshiel to Wemyss Bay GPX 030
Cock of Arran Landranger 69 Route in brief. Distance 25 km (45km total if cycling from the ferry), climb 270m, 1km awkward carry at Fairy dell, short carry at Laggan, fast descent, tough climb, shop and pub at Lochranza. Interest Lochranza castle, caves - GPX 024
Remote Bradshaw on Fairlie moor - GPX 031
 A 10km 300m climb loop through Kelburn and Douglas park giving some nice downhill. GPX 036
170miles east
Ayrshire multi
day route
Misty Law a real hill trail of 16km with 350m climb and descent. GPX 032
Arran bike club black trail 35km lots of up and down some nice singletrack also mud. GPX 086
Details of a number of MTB routes starting and ending at  West Kilbride railway station GPX routes 000 to 009
Glentane hill side photoroute tough climb and decent with iffy off camber
A route above Kilbirnie toward Lochwinnoch, dry weather only.  GPX 033
 South Arran and Glenashdale,  - GPX 025
Busbie Muir Windfarm   Map- Landranger 63 The windfarm has just been completed (Feb 04) and has provided some nice hill top tracks GPX 035
Irvine trails with some singletrack and rough ground. GPX 034
GPX 2001-2016
Dean Park Kilmarnock to Galston and back 25km GPX088
Straight forward loop through forest tracks and tarmac south of Eaglesham GPX 039
 Lanfine     Landranger 70&71 Route in brief 20km, 300m climb, easy roads and tracks 1/2 km push to view point. GPX 084
Lanfine and Loudoun Landranger 70/71 Start at Loudoun church MR492373 GPX 038
Dundonald   Landranger 70 Route in brief 20km, 100m climb, much tarmac, 30m on trunk road. Interest - Dundonald Castle, Symington Norman church. GPX 037
Easy off road from Troon to Ayr, and Auchincruive GPX 042
Ayr riverside and Auchincruive GPX  041
Cairn Table  Landranger 71 Route in brief 22km, 400m climb, 2km uphill push carry, 3km rough descent. GPX 047
Douglas Route in brief 25km, 250m climb, 2km push GPX 048
Douglas 2    Landranger  71. Route in brief 46km, 500m climb, 2km push/carry. Interest- wind farm at Douglas  GPX 049
Auchinleck and Catrine GPX 046
35km route from Ayr centre to Auchincruive, Stair and Tarbolton with quite a bit of singletrack and some tarmac  GPX 044.
Auchincruive     Landranger 70 Route in brief;8km, 40m climb, some steps, path by river floods after heavy rain. GPX 045
A remote track with some difficult going and navigational challenge GPX 052
Short 10km route round South Ayr GPX 043
Dalblair and Corsencon Hill     Landranger  71. Route 1 in brief 30km, 450m climb, 1km push. Park on the minor road before Dalblair, accessed from the A70 east of Cumnock. Cross the bridge and after 100m turn left uphill, take the right fork after 1 km and continue 5km up past High Dalblair to Glenmuirshaw.  GPX 050
Corsencon and Cairn Kinney, Landranger 71. I figured it might be a good outing from Corsencon (MR 671147) to Cairn Kinney (MR 785214) linking two tracks together at Dennigall hill (MR717174) and the trackless bit from Cairn Kinney to Spango water,  GPX 051
A 28km flattish route following both banks of the river Ayr GPX 045
Sanquar. Route1 in brief. Landranger 71, 21km, 350m climb. GPX 040  (Three routes)
Leadhills    Landranger 71. Interest-  Lead mining museum. Route 1 22km, 250m climb 1km south of Leadhills village a track leads west . Route 2 28km, 300m climb Parking is convenient at the north end of Wanlockhead Route 3 23km, 600m climb Note that the route should be avoided in the shooting season.  GPX 053
An epic run in south Ayrshire 70km 700m climb- a mixture of tracks and quiet roads GPX 054
Brown Carrick hills 9km 170m climb rough going some push, choose a dry spell. GPX 055
Some fun single track by the river Ayr and Doon GPX 058
A fine trail of 41km and 480m climb some nice trails and singletrack, linked by a very few minor road sections, tea stops at Dailly and Straiton. GPX 061
Culzean and Lochspouts distance about 26km with 300m climb GPX 057
 Patna to Straiton hill track. Landranger 70/71. The track is an old right of way and the first decision is to take second left (middle road) and the next is right at MR406089. GPX 059
A 48km loop on tracks between Loch Doon, Patna, Straiton and Loch Bradan including 6km of very hilly singletrack Bradan to Doon. GPX 060
35km 300m climb over Carrick hills into Culzean, through Glenshalloch and Craigfin woods. GPX 056
54km and 700m climb including Windy Standard, much of it in forest but some views of the Merrick and Loch Doon GPX 065
Carrick forest. Landranger 70. Past Old Polquairn, through what is left of the forest (itís being harvested) to MR495902
Route map only of Culzean country park start Maidens 2 hours with a coffee stop (WE  in winter)
 Afton and Windy Standard. Landranger 77. Route in brief 40 km, 1100 m climb, strenuous with carry and push. Interest - Wind farm on Windy Standard. GPX 063
Straiton    Landranger  77 (MR383053) Route in brief 11km, 150m climb, 100% ridable, valley views, refreshments and food at the Black Bull Straiton. GPX 062
Lethanhill      landranger 70 Route in brief 9km, 200m climb, 300m downhill push, valley views Interest - Lethanhill memorial, waterside industrial heritage. GPX 064
Durisdeer Map landranger 78. Start Durisdeer  MR 893036   Parking in Durisdeer. Local interest Queensberry Aisle, church dates from 1699 and noted for its elaborate monument by Van Nost GPX 076.
Dalmellington and Bellsbank. Landranger 77 Route 1 in brief 16km, 200m climb, 300m push/carry, pleasant views later but partly enclosed by trees, moderately easy.  GPX 069
Carlin's Cairn and Corserine. Landranger 77. Route in brief. Only for those who enjoy carrying, pushing and falling off their bike as much as riding it. 38km, 800m climb, 3km carry 1km push, rough descent with some falls. Great view, great fun for masochists. GPX 071
 Stinchar bridge to Barr. Landranger 76, 77. Route in brief 32km, 250m climb, good tracks all the way. GPX 067
Loch Bradan surprise Landranger 77. The track across the moor to Loch Finlas starts at MR 437975 and ends at MR 464973 climbing to 450m with a great rough downhill to Finlas  GPX 068
 Kilkerran and Lochspouts Landranger76 Points of interest Lime stone mine  on Cairn Hill Distance 23 km, climb 200m, 100% ridable views north to Ben Lomond. GPX 066
Garryhorn lead mine. Landranger 77 MR525977 Route in brief 12km or 17km, 150m climb, good track, open area with valley view, lead mine. GPX 074
Carsphairn forest. Landranger 77 Route in brief 23km, 250m climb, well surfaced forest road and tarmac, some breaks in trees and harvesting give views. GPX 075
A loop from Straiton across the the Crosshill road and then Bradan Dam GPX 073
A tough middle distance loop incorporating the Bradan Rough hill track to Loch Doon GPX 077
Dailly windfarm 23km and 400m climb, exposed situation. GPX 072
The Merrick Landranger  77. Route in brief 22km, ascent 800m, choose a nice day because this is the highest hill in southwest scotland. GPX 080
 Ballantrae, Berneraird and Arecleoch forest. Route in brief. Distance 45km, climb 900m, 2km carry, fast descents, great view, map landranger 76. GPX 078
Clatteringshaws & Old Edinburgh Road. Landranger 77. Route in brief 18km, 150m climb and descent or 27km, 200m climb and descent with a tea room on route GPX 081
Mabie Forest Landranger  84. Route in brief 63 km, 700m forest roads and tarmac GPX 082
7stanes selection
Ballantrae coastal track and bays Distance 27km 450m climb some push GPX 079
Foest Lodge and Nethy Bridge GPX089