Walking in Corsica July05
Calvi citadel
Walking in Corsica proved to be a hot
experience for us with temperatures up
to 34degC, however by paying particular
attention to drinking loads of water
(2litres during the walk) we managed to
cope, but the walks had to be less
strenuous as a result.
The first week we spent at Calvi
meadering along the spectacular coastal
walks, with the weather being so hot
we had some accustoming to do. We
finished most days with a swim in the
sea, it was a great cool down after the
walks. One highlight was the beach bar
yards from a quiet beach north of Clavi
where we spent a late afternoon after a
hot walk to the lighthouse.
The Capitello crags from Lake Melo
Another highlight of the two weeks was the
Tavignano valley, walking from our second
centre of Corte. It's an absolutely stunning
valley with a magnificent track all the way up
to a wonderful bathing pool at the bridge after
about 3 hours walking. I am not great at
getting into cold water but in the heat we
were experiencing I was very keen to have a
It was marvelous, what a difference it made
to the way I felt, but I still cooked on the way
back down the valley to Corte.
Corte citadel
Lake Melo
Yet another highlight of the two weeks was the
walk up to the Lakes below the Capitello peaks,
again from Corte. The beauty of this walk was that
the extra height meant it was a good bit cooler and
more comfortable for walking. The crags and the
lakes were just beautiful, although it was quite a bit
busier than other walks we had done.
With the extra height the water was much much
cooler, nice for a foot dip but not warm enough
for a plunge.
There is a long distance path, GR20, through Corsica where you have to be pretty well self
sufficient along the way up over the high peaks. The highest peak in Corsica is Monte Cinto
at 2706m, so the route along the mountain ridges is not trivial.
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