Windy Standard and Dalmellington
A figure of eight loop covering 54km with
750m of climb
Park beside the Water of Deugh MR 550006. Cycle past Moor and ascend to windy Standard
along Gallow Rig.
Go west from the top and at MR 584010  choose either left or right, left is a twisting descent
to Waterhead with some views  and right is a direct fast descent to the same spot.
Go back past the parking spot along to the bridge before Moor, cross and climb go two
rights and two lefts to McCowans Knowe. At the end of the track push along the ride 200m
cross the burn, go down 150m and right into a ride, this ride is a longer push of 400m and
ends in an open area above the track at MR553065. Go left then right in 500m, left in 2.5km,
right fork 300m follow the main track to its end at MR502053.
Follow the ditch for 500m to its end then go left down a ride to a track out to Mossdale (exit
across the field to gate).
Just beyond Mossdale farm turn off right up hill steeply through Bellsbank Plantation. In 2km
at Gaw Glen burn go up left and follow the track across to Eriff (maybe loose dogs). Go left
at the main road then right into the forest keeping right all the way back 4.5km to the start.
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