Whitelee Forest Darvel and Eaglesham
Distance 25km and 300m climb
There are large machines now  using the forest tracks and
access may be pohibited until completion of the windfarm
until 2009
There is a convenient area for parking beside Laigh Alderstock farm.
Go up the track toward High Alderstocks and leave it at a right bend, over a gate
and up along the tree line to a track junction.
At this track junction west of High Alderstocks there is a choice of left or right, I
suggest left to go round the route clockwise, this gives a better downhill to
Carrot. There is another choice left or staight on five minutes after the first, go
straight ahead. There is no choice until after Carrot you need to make your way
round to near Ardochrig on tarmac at MR638469 go into the forest and keep left
to return to the start junction west of High Alderstocks, if you choose right there
is a pleasant little loch for a lunch stop but you will need to return the way you
came to get back on route.
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