West Kilbride trails
Law hill
from the railway station go steeply
up hill
following the tarmac road opposite
 a line of trees on the right is a gate
and a track up Law hill.
Going straight on from here the
track becomes rough and at a left
bend go straight on through a gate,
follow the field edge round to
Yonderton and back right to west
Law Castle to Blackshaw
At a sharp bend behind Law Farm go
left off tramac and follow the trail
(muddy) on the north side of Law
hill, through two gates, along a field
edge, to the south side of Blackshaw
hill (another 2 gates) then left over a
cattle grid and down to Blackshaw,
right to the main road.
Blackshaw to Crosbie
This trail is rough, muddy and intermittent.
Opposite the Blackshaw exit (a little right ) go through a gate and up a field diagonally left, cross a
burn and through a gate onto the moor, go left with the wall on your left along to the shepherds
cottage at Crosbie (not great) but it links to the
Fairlie routes.
Busbie muir wind farm
The best access to the wind farm trail is at the south end of Busbie Muir reservior, from here a
good track leads up to the hilltop.
By continually keeping right you will approach the most easterly wind turbine but just befor it is a
jucntion left to a mast, go this way and off track over a bridged ditch and a little left down to the
field edge at a wall T junction with a little wooden fenceat a couple of stunted trees. Cross the
fence and keep the wall on your right untill the tarmac track up Knockewart hill. Go either way
off the hill. If you choose to go up knockewart you can reach the Law castle to Blackshaw track
Meadowhead and Glenhead
This is a footpath linking down to the shore road. It is overgrown and has a puncture problem
due to thorns.
High Boydstone and Montfode
These link from the high road down to the main road but don't link to anything else.
The Montfode trail is muddy.
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