West Kilbride to Largs landranger 63
and Fairlie to Largs loop
Distance 14km

West Kilbride railway station with return by
train from Largs
Largs pier
Turn right (north) out of West Kilbride station and proceed out of the town by
the B781 Dalry road at the traffic island (1/2 km) outside the town go left
(straight on) and take the next minor road to the right toward Crosbie caravan
Go past the caravan park entrance and continue past Crosbie resevior to the
edge of the moor marked by a metal gate.
Go through the gate left and follow the grassy track. Continue round the side
of Glentane hill with Glenburn Reservoir on your left, crossing the burn just
where it flows into the reservoir. Cross the burn and continue to follow the
grassy track uphill slightly (not around the side of the reservoir but with the
wall down hill to your left) to join the Fairlie Moor road.
Walk downhill past the first cattle grid, past the fishery entrance till you see a
metal gate and track on the right.
Go through this and walk north along a good track for 1 1/2 km until it goes
through another gate near a wood.
Go through the gate, left along the wall to another gate (25m) through that
gate, right over the small rise with a wall and trees now on you right.
There is another gate mid way along the trees and a track going through the
Follow this track through the woods then beside a burn in the woods and
eventually to a fence with a muddy track beyond it where the cows come to
drink from the burn.
Cross the fence, the burn and go up the short rise to the metal gate.
From here go across the field to the left of the small hill to the fence at the
trees where you may be able to see a gap in the trees.
Go through the gap, down to the burn (20m) cross the burn and up to the track.
Turn left 20 m and go through the solid metal gate, continue past Bourtrees, joining the tarmac track
up past Fairlieward (GR 227567).
Follow the track gently down hill to exit at the Haillie brae, turning down hill to the traffic lights at the
At the traffic lights you stay off the main road by turning in toward Douglas park along beside the
nursing home.
This leads into the rear of Douglas park exit on to the main road.
Largs station and coffee shop is a further 1/2km..
Alternative Fairlie to Largs and Loop back
An alternative loop can be made starting at Fairlie station. leave the stn car park north and turn up to
the right past the front of Argyll cottage and over the wooden footbridge, continue up the glen to
the solid metal gate and continue as above to Largs.
From largs follow the front to the Pencil monument, cross the marina access road go left then right
between  the marina and the railway following the waterside to Fairlie.
In Fairlie go right along the main road and right above the rail tunnel down some steps and left along
the shorefront. Just before the green boathouse (1km) go left up to the main road right, cross the
road and go left back up to Argyll cottage and the railway car park.
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