Machine at Stair mine click for cycle route)
Stair Annbank circular

Map landranger  70

The Stair church is a handy starting point. 12km
east from Ayr on the A70 go left at Coalhall on to
the B730. Then 4km to Stair (GR 439235).

NOTE: This loop can be combined with the riverside walk from Auchincruive starting at GR
387231. If this is done then Stair Inn is the halfway point and very convenient for a spot of
lunch before returning along the River Ayr to the start. This adds about 3km to the walk but is
very worthwhile.
Go right out past  Stair Inn and before crossing the river climb the wall on the left and walk
through the woods to the mill workings.
If you choose you can go down to the riverside and see the old laid.
Go through a gate away from the mill past some interesting buildings in a poor state and you
will come to an old mine just as you round the bend to the mine go right between two small hills
beside some large machine parts and continue down to the riverside.
Follow the river 2km to B742 and a road bridge. Cross the river by the bridge and go over the
stile immediately after the bridge to the left.
Walk by the river and climb the rise in the woods.
At the top of the rise behind Annbank you need to go right along an old railway keeping level
until you meet the B741 again, continue 100m up the B741 to the gates for Enterkine.
Enter the drive, after 1km you pass some farm buildings and should keep left on the track
down to the mill and back up again.
If you are willing to investigate there is a pleasant old track in the woods which can be found if
you go through the hedge immediately you get to the side of the wood. However getting out at
the other end is a little bit awkward especially when it is overgrown in late summer.
Stroll along to the minor road turning right and right again back to Stair.
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