Portencross harbour (click for cycle route)

Map landranger 63

Location. 9km north west of Ardrossan
4km west of West Kilbride, GR 176490.
There is a public car park just before the
road ends.

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Hawking craig 4km
Leave the car park to the left and turn down
left after 100m to view Portencross castle
and port.
From the castle it is a simple out and back
stroll along the shore track below the cliffs
but can be extended an extra 2km past the
power station where you may be able to see a
variety of birds on the shore if the tide is right.
Peninsula circuit
For those who are happy to walk mainly on
tarmac a circuit of the peninsula is practical.
Walk from Portencross north under
Hawking craig and along the Hunterston
power station access road keeping to the
footpath and close to the shore.
As you leave the shore behind at GR
196521 you should see the sign for the
cycle track to the right, go this way, cross
the new access road and then fork left
along the bridleway and cycle track.
You will pass old Hunterston castle
(GR914515) and should then keep left up
the avenue to the A78.
Go right on the footpath beside the road for
300 m then turn off down the minor road to
Thirdpart small holdings follow this road
3km to the B7048 between West Kilbride
and Portencross
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