Cornalees Bridge visitor centre and Overton Cut

Location  Landranger 63
Access is from the A742 6km west of Greenock via a minor road. The visitor centre has a large
car park at GR 248721.

Distance 9km
Overton cut

The route is very simple and is shown by black arrows on the map it has great views over the Clyde
estuary. Go left out of  the car park and go along the tarmac road with Compensation reservoir on
your right. Continue generally north past Loch Thom Cottage to the top of the hill and then down hill
to Overton. The Overton cut starts here though a gate and continues on a pleasant level grassy way
for the next 4 km, only getting a little muddy near the end. Cross the minor road and walk past
Sheilhill farm along the cut  Follow the cut to Compensation reservoir dam and back up to the car
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