Kelly cut and Leapmoor forest
Distance 14km climb 150m
A view from Kelly Cut
Park at Cornalees visitor centre where there is a
cafe open summer and week ends. Leave the car
park to the minor road and left over the bridge to
the upper gate onto the Kelly cut. Follow the cut
3.5km to Kelly Reservior and then down the
track and road to Kelly Mains.
Opposite Kelly Mains (after the bend) take the track behind the bushes on the right to Finnoch Bog
Farm. In 2km just before joining the minor road at Finnoch Bog Farm go through a gate on the
right onto a muddy track along the edge of a field.
Follow the track round the edge of the field and uphill to the forest edge going left at the corner of
the trees through a gate at the muddy corner. This track leads to the main track through Leapmoor
forest. Turn right at the main track and climb through the forest eventually emerging at the water
works. Go straight ahead beside the water works fence to the end of the trees, about 1km. The next
bit is rough for 500m, cross the fence and wall stay right of the clump of trees and walk directly
east to where the old wall can be seen, over the fence and descend to the wooden walkway turn left
along the burn back up to start along the cut (right at the gate) for the last 500m
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