Kaim and Blaeloch hills
Landranger map 63 Distance 12 km height 400m
My wife and I did this today (22 May 04). It
has been a beautiful day with a light wind
Arran from above Fairlie
We started at Fairlie station up the footpath in
Fairlie glen to the castle crossing the burn just
after an the up the fields to the wood above
Southannan. There is a lovely track through
these woods and at the end we turned left
along the wall onto the moor track which
runs south on the west side of Kaim hill.
We walked up the diagonal track to black hill
and then up to the quarry, just south of the
ruin, along sheep tracks.
From here we went north to the end of the
quarry and then directly up the fist
escarpment. At the top of the slope there is a
sheep track north along the edge this goes
some way and then forks right to join a bigger
quad track heading back south. At the highest
part of this track we could see the summit trig
point and a faint track leads to it.
Cairn and view from Green hill
View from Failieward cottage
From Kaim it was a bit of a moor walk with no
tracks until near the cairn on green hill. We had
lunch at this cairn as it sits on a large rock
outcrop. The view from the cairn is quite
pleasant. From the cairn there is an easy ridge
walk past a plane crash site to the summit of
Blaeloch hill. The little loch near the top is
interesting as it quakes at the edges if you jump
up and down and is very dark and deep.
We  walked of the north of Blaeloch hill down Clea burn turning left before Fechan and along
the Kelburn estate wall.
Through  the wrought iron gate and followed the main track past Fairlieward ,keeping right at
the fork to Bourtrees to the crossroads, down a set of steps and along a grassy track back to
Fairlie castle ,climbing through a gap in the wall just right of the blocked doorway.
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