Fairlie moor millstone
quarry, Kaim and Blaeloch

Distance 4km
8 km south of Largs, 2km south of
Fairlie leave the A87 onto the minor
road to Dalry. Parking is available
immediately after the second cattle grid
on the right.

Next to the cattle grid is a track barred by a metal
bar go up this track parallel to the wall which will
be 20m on your right.
The track swing right and gets steeper and rougher
with the wall and a small burn on the right.
After about 300 m it levels and you will see the
piles of stones of the old millstone quarry.
Ascend to the right hand side of the quarry where
there is an obvious track contouring along the
hillside and into the quarry workings.
Follow this to the end of the quarry workings
keeping a look out for the numerous ¼ size
millstones near the end of the track.
At the end of the track you may wish to go up hill
directly east to the summit of Kaim Hill about 800m.
Descend the way you have come.

For those who like rough ground the walk across
to Blaeloch hill is a natural continuation of the Kaim
Hill ascent.
You should go via the cairn at the 384m spot height
(GR 236546) from which there is a faint trail
leading past the debris of a crashed aeroplane.
As you approach Blae Loch Near the summit take a
little detour onto the quaking area by the side of the
lochan. The vegetation has grown over the surface
and as you bounce up and down the moor ripples
under your feet.
Returning the way you came is probably the best
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