River Girvan
My wife and I used two cars to complete the walk so
did not stay overnight on route, instead we split the
walk at Straiton.
The route starts at the main Loch Bradan dam, along
the north shore of Braden on the cycle track along to
Linfern Loch (MR365987),  north to Knokskae and
From Straiton toSclenteuch moor then west over the
Girvan at Kings hill (mr360064) then to Crosshill for
Returnto Ashfield (MR339051), Kirkbride  and the hill
path past Blair then the riverside path to Dailly.
Day 1
Straiton hills
Anne and I did the first part of this walk
yesterday (12 May). It went quite well
however at Linfern Loch the walk
through the ride,  just past a road off left
to the loch, is about 500m and is very
slow due to the rough ground. After the
ride keep to the west of the open area to
pick up a track further down (almost due
north) and then climb a little onto the
new forest road on Knockskae hill. Go
right on the forest road and just beyond
Knockskae steading right again
continuing down past Dalmorton, left at
Craigfad and along the front of Bennan
hill. Go right on the track at Bennan farm
then left into Straiton where there is a tea
room and Inn
Day 2
As a day walk this would be in the
running for the best in Ayrshire.
We followed the walk indicator east
through Straiton village to Sclenteuch
wood exiting at Altizourie, then down to
the lovely bridge over the Girvan east of
King' hill. The bridge is not easy to find
however from Altizoure cross the B7045  
down past a pretty little cottage then fork
right uphill. Ignore tracks to the right and
pass an open section just after which the
track bends right in the trees. On the left
is a grass area leading away left and
down to the bridge.
Straiton village
Cross the bridge and go straight on past a
summer house into the wood and pick
your way to the road. Go west past High
Garphar eventually straight ahead on a
muddy lane then left to Ashfield and
Kilbride. Unfortunately the farmers in
both these farms do not like to see
walkers we discovered.
Go right from Kilbride and up to Blair,
Cairn hill, and across the high moor with
great views out to Ailsa craig
Dailly village
Limestone quarry on cairn hill
Descend and go straight over the B741 to follow
the east bank of the river do not cross the river
at the bridge near the road but cross twice near
Dailly. Tilly's tea room awaits.
I decided the next section of the walk to Girvan
would be a let down after the pleasant walk to
Dailly and decided to call Dailly the end point
also keeping each day to less than 15miles.
A lovely walk only spoiled by the
unpleasant attitude of the farmers at
Ashfiels and Kilbride.
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