Walk Fairlie Glen and Kelburn
Distance 5km 100m climb
Park at the railway station in Fairlie. Leave the car park by the pedestrian lane, cross the
bridge (100m) and turn right close beside the cottage and the burn, cross the wooden bridge
over the railway and continue pleasantly beside the burn to the castle.
Carry on up the glen to the end of the obvious path, you can visit the waterfall out and back
from here.
Go over the gate on your left onto an uphill sometimes muddy track, go left downhill  at a tee
junction in 500m, the track  bend right and is then straight for 300m.
At the end of the straight go left down to the burn  across a wooden bridge, along a grassy
track to a better track on your left which then bends right and becomes fimer as it descends
down to a tarmac road, go left, ignore a left fork and continue down to where the road bends
right, on your left is a set of steps down to a little bridge over the burn, go that way, through a
small gate and along the flat grassy path.
You will come to a doorway with a metal barrier at a wall, go through this back to Fairlie
At the side of the castle is the track down the glen back to the carpark.
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