Fairlie moor and Cauldron hill
Landranger map 63   Distance 14km climb 350m
This is a moorland walk but has nice
views at the beginning and from
Cauldron hill.
The walk starts at Fairlie railway station
and return is by train from West Kilbride.
Leave the station car park by the footpath
turning right after the bridge up Failie
Well up the glen after the
castle follow the track to
the Moor rather than the
track to the waterfall,
although the water fall is
worth a visit and is not
Continue up the glen on
the north of the burn
gorge and after the
ruined shieling keep high
on the north slopes of
the Glen keeping west
of Lairdside hill.
After the wall keep a dry stone wall close on your left while following a quad track to Bradshaw
ruin  The quad track descends to the west end of Knockendon resr.
Cross the dam to the minor road going right to near the pincnic site road then cross to the
shoulder of Cauldron hill joining a faint track leading past shooting butts.
At the highest point on this track near a butt go up right to the summit of Cauldron with great
views across to Arran.
From Cauldron summit go northwest along the ridge and at the second dip leave the ridge on a
faint grassy track down to a post. Follow the posts along the south edge of Glentane hill and
then descend on a track to Crosbie reservior. Follow the road to West Kilbride station.
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