Dundonald Hill walk
Distance up to 5km
This is a pleasant but short walk around
Dundonald hill starting at the Castle car
park. Go down behind the visitors centre
cross the bridge in 250m going right then
left along the path to Auchans house.
Continue around the house then uphill
and left. The good path ends but carry on
and before the path goes downhill take
the right track up toward the field.
Continue high round the top of the cliffs
and then descend to a better track.
Go right at this track (left is the return
route) and follow it round the left bend.
Keep your eyes peeled for a small track on the right take this uphill, it contour round the hill past
a wooden platform, dips to a muddy bit, then climbs up some small rocky steps to the edge of
Hillhouse quarry. The track swings right and goes over the hilltop down to a muddy area where
the track disappears but make the best way over it back to the bigger track and the return route.
Return below the cliffs over the bridge again and up to the visitors centre for a snack or tickets
to view the castle.
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