Battlle of Largs monument, The Pencil
Douglas park view point, Greeto Bridge

Map landranger 63 or pathfinder NS 25/35
Distance 2km or 9 km

Park in Largs near the entrance to Douglas park (GR
Enter the park by the large gate to the
right of the bowling green and
proceed to the gate at the top of the
road where it bends right.
Follow the track diagonally to the
right uphill on wooden steps to a
wooden seat.
As you admire the view from the seat behind you to the left there is a steep grassy track,
this is the way you should go over a tarmac track and continuing up a further set of steps
to the viewpoint.
Unless you like walking over trackless rough ground you should return the way you have
Behind the viewpoint there are various small tracks which start easily choose any of these
which head toward the higher ground but keep the steeper ground down to Gogo water
close to your left. This avoids the worst of the wet ground.
Continue like this to the east side of Rigging Hill where you may see the start of a track at
GR 247591.
Ignore the track and go North East down to the Gogo burn on the west side of Feuside hill.
Cross the burn and go left keeping close to the burn until the groun begins to steepen at
which point you should contour away from the burn keeping to easier ground.
Do not contour beyond Linnshaw burn but descend to the track which leads to Greeto
Bridge which is a nice spot for a picnic and a paddle.
Follow the track down into Largs centre, via Flatt road and Gateside street to a café. After
coffee walk to the pier and  along the sea front promenade turning up May Street to Douglas
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