Loch Doon
Loch Doon toAyr
Landranger 77 and 70
If star ratings were to apply to
walks this would be 2 star.
From the dam we walked
back toward Dalmellington
down the Gaw Glen burn
and then along the Doon
east bank to the west end
of Dalmellington.
I investigated all of this walk by mountian
bike before deciding on the route and, as
always, the final route was a compomise
between scenic pleasures, and undisputed
The route starts at Loch Doon (MR
478015). My wife and I left our car at
Hollybush \(Malcolmston B&B), and took
the bus to Dalmellinton and a Taxi to the
Doon dam.
To get to Waterside we
walked along the
dismantled railway close to
the A713, this was a bit of
a sprachel near Waterside,
but if you stay high after
waterside it is pleasant until
east of Patna.
doon Dam
There are three ascents to
the next point at MR
430110 all of which are
shown on the map. The
first starting at MR
433103 is perhaps the best.
After the ascent to Lethanhill follow the
track, contouring round the hill to Polnessan
burn where, to get reasonable walking
without thigh deep vegetation, descend to
the mine at MR425119, immediately go right
uphill past some pipes to another disused
mine on Dunston hill along a faint but
definite track.
Contour then descend on the minor road into Rankinston. At
the north end of Rankinston there is a track left into an old
mine (with a discouraging sign) leading out to Dalnfaca. At
the minor road MR 436160 go left 150m to a gate and then
over Craigs of Kyle heading SW through a number of gates
to the ruin at MR 416149 and follow the track to Holly bush
for the night. If you are in luck you can get a first class meal
at the Holybush inn as a reward for your efforts, otherwise
the Kirkton Inn at Dalrymple will do nicely.
Millennium bridge on the Doon at Ayr
From Hollybush take the B7034 and go
down to Skeldon mills to follow the Doon
river bank through Dalrymple, continue
beside the river to MR 351138 at which
point go right along the edge of a field
(fence on your right) over the ridge onto
the farm track leading Woodland but go
across onto a track down to the Doon,
below the railway, meeting the Doon at
MR342143. Follow the Doon bank (as
Best you can) past Auchendraine, over the
A77, and back up ,to the A77 just before
the B7034 juction.
Follow the noisy A77 for 1km and just after a cottage on
the leftt at MR 343171 cross the fence (left) and a field to
the driveway of Doonholm, go slightly right straight ahead
along the driveway, just before you exit the driveway onto
the roadway there is a track down left to the riverside
hidden a little by rhodedenron, go down this to the riverside
and follow the river.
The riverside way leads very pleasantly to the Brig 'o'
Doon, Brig 'o' Doon Hotel and Burns gardens. Nearby is the
Tam o Shanter experience, Alloway old Kirk and Burns
To continue the walk to the sea follow the B7024 toward
Ayr going first left along Shanter way taking the akward
steps left down to the Doon river.You will rejoin a road
opposite a golf course, go left and at the T junction (1km)
go straight over down a footway on right of a store and to
the sea at the millenium bridge.
From here you need to follow the sea front (right) to
Pavilion road, Wellington square and left to Fullarton street
and the bus station in Ayr town centre.
gGreenan castle near the Doon Ayr
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