A scramble on Arran - Cioch na h Oighe
Landranger69 Distance17km height 900m
Cioch na h-Oighe from above Sannox
My wife and I walked this ridge last Saturday
(12June) on a blustry morning. We took the
7am ferry and then the north island bus to
About 200m beyond the beacons and before
the ford we went uphill to the edge of the
moor along a faint track.
From here we headed along the sometimes
faint track directly toward the Cioch.
ir Mhor and Casteal Abhail from Mullach Buidhe
As we approached the Cioch the track
became heathery then joined the terrace
track sloping up right away from the steeper
rock slopes the track meets a junction at a
small cairn and we turned left up hill.
Brodick from Goat Fell
There are a number of short scrambles on
route but none very exposed. We then
followed the obvious ridges all the way to the
top of Goat Fell with a number of little
scrambles on route as we climbed over the
pinnacles on Stacach. We descended by the
tourist route to the pub just before the main
road for a well deserved pint
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