Castle Semple
Lochwinnoch castle semple
Map landranger 63

Distance 3km
Park at Castle Semple water park
car park, GR 360592 sign posted
in Lochwinnoch off the A760.
Click here for a nearby cycle route
From the car park follow the
waterside path 1km where it climbs
left away from the loch up to the
cycle track.
Cross the cycle track and follow the
path 150m on the right of the burn.
Go left across the little wooden
bridge and follow the track to a pond
and a ruin.
You have a choice of going over the
small hill by the left track behind the
ruin or going lower.
If you stay low (right) take the
second right, this keeps you higher
and on the perimeter of the area.
You will need to descend on a twisty path down to another small wooden the bridge after which
you should go left between rhododendrons, again keeping left near the perimeter.
This brings you to a T junction, to the left is a metal gate with a do not cross sign.
As you turn right away from this gate you will see a narrow faint track forking left uphill, you
should go up here and at the top go left into the rhododendron maze which should provide a bit
of fun for a group prepared to play hide and seek or just get a little lost.
Exit the maze left downhill at the same point as entry and at the main track return to the car park
the way you came.
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