Ayr from Carrick hills
Brown Carrick Hill Landranger  70

There may be shooting activities from mid August.

Distance 9km, 120m climb, good view.

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Seven kilometers south of Ayr off the
A719 turning on to the minor road for
Carrick Hills. Park near the tarmac track
that leads up to the communications
masts, Grid reference 297166.

Walk up the tarmac track (SW) passing the masts on the south side of the compound after
leaving the road to pass . Keep high and use the stile to cross the electric fence about 200 m
beyond the masts. Go to the right of the small hill to find a faint track which leads to the top of
Brown Carrick Hill. Pass the triangulation pillar and descend to the corner of the trees to where
there is a gate. Go through the ride, turn right and go into the field. Turn left and follow the edge
of the field to a good track (1/2km), go uphill through the gate and just before the loch fork
right. Follow this rough track 1 km to a fence at the edge of the moor .At the fence turn left
over short heather for 200m, then through a gate and back on to smoother ground. Follow the
contours on the ground round to White Craig then due east to the edge of the wooded area and
some sheep pens.  After the sheep pens go through the gate in the fence on the right and follow
the line of the fence down to the tarmac road. Turn left and climb back to the start.
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