Loch Bradan landranger77
The village of Straiton in South
has a number of peasant walks and
9 kilometres south again is the
Stincher bridge which has a
selection of forest walks. Leaflets
can be obtained in the Straiton
View to Loch Doon from the high point on the track
By going 2 km east to MR418961 you get to a
convenient start point for a round Loch Bradan walk.
The route is on a cycle way so keep your eyes open
for mountain bikers.
Going clockwise follow the forest road past Loch
Skelloch and the west side of Crailure after this just
keep going right, close to the loch. The forest road
turns to track below Craig Dhu on the north edge of
the loch.
Loch Braden
Loch Doon
On the east side of the Loch there is a recent track going over the hill to Loch Finlas and Loch
Doon and would make a good extended walk, however it is a nice extesion of the Braden walk to
go up to the high point pictured above then return to the lochside to continue round to the start.
Another very pleasant walk of about an hour and which can be extended is over Cornish hill on the
waymarked trail this trail gives good views from Cornish hill and Sheil hill on a well made track.
The walk can be exteded on the west side of Loch Braden keeping left until the Ayr Newton
Stewart road is reached. Go across this road and in about a kilometre go left still on forest track.
(A further extesion can be made here by not turning left and then decending to Stinchar Falls,
about 4km out and back) This track becomes a walking (cycling) trail and returns to the start at
Stinchar Bridge.
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