Alloway circuit
(Rozelle and Belleisle

Map Landranger 70

Distance 8km easy walking but
muddy in places in autumn and winter.

Start in Rozelle car park 50m on the
right after entry from the B7024
between Ayr and Alloway.
Bellisle Greenhouse flower
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Family interest
Before describing the longer
walks I will just say that
Rozelle park is a great family
area there is a play area
beyond the first minor road
described in the longer route, a
duck pond, tea room, an art
gallery, a small museum, and a
gift shop in Rozelle house .
Walk description

Leave the car park as if returning to the B7024 but go right
to follow the park trail clockwise. The trail bends once to
the right then is straight, you should continue straight
ignoring the tracks to the right and left. Eventually you will
cross a minor road back into a narrow line of trees, again
continue straight ahead. After 150m you will be walking
above the right bank of a burn. Continue and the track will
rise to a gate onto the main road. Go right at the main road
walk about 100m, turn right and immediately left along
Bathurst Drive. It bends right and then right again where
there is a tarmac path between the houses into the trees. Go
immediately right along a little muddy track beside the fence
down to a tarmac road, cross slightly right and continue on
a similar track down to a wide road (The Loaning) cross it
and continue back  into Rozelle.
Greenan castle
The track bends right and crosses a bridleway after which go left and in 200m, before the track
bends right, go left again across the bridleway leaving the park, going right along the hedge down to
the B7024 (Monument Rd). Go left past Burns Cottage to the hotel and left down to the Old Brig.
Cross the old brig walk up to the tarmac road go right and then left along Longhill Avenue. In 200m
at the old railway cross the fence, go down to the old line (muddy for 50m). Follow the old railway
out to the main road (A719), cross the road left to the cycleway, follow it away from the main road
past Greenan Castle. Keep toward the beach cross the Doon at the Millenium bridge turning right up
to the main road.
Cross to Greenfield Ave and then go left into Belleisle. By going first right in Belleisle you will pass
the pet corner and the garden before reaching the main house, from there cross the golf course go
right and left in 100m back to the start in Rozelle.
Variation 2 (shorter)
On leaving The Tam O’Shanter experience do not go to the old brig and railway, instead go out to
the Alloway road and turn right, cross the road and go next left away from the main road. At the end
of this road there is a track and to the left a set of awkward steps down to the river, go down them
and walk by the riverside. Ascend the hill and join the minor road turning left (west).  Proceed along
the road to the entrance to Belleisle park about 50m before the A7l9 Dunure road. Go into the park,
make your way to the house and go round to the golf course side. You will find a good track which
crosses the golf course to the Al]oway road. Go right on the road and after 100m left into Rozelle
and back to the start.
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