Arran end to end
Landranger map 69
If you look at the map of Arran you may be able to see possibilities not given in the usual tourist
leaflets. This walk is one that I  devised  from the map and previous visits. It is varied, it goes
through forest tracks, coastal, paths, mountain passes and mountain top, so it should suit many
walkers who like a little challenge..
The walk goes from Lagg (start MR 970215, by bus
from Brodick) in the south to Lochranza in the
north. It follows the coast from Lamlash to Brodick
for an overnight B&B at Brodick.
View from Dun Fionn
From Brodick the route goes up Glen
Rosa to Caisteal Abhail, Gleann Easan to
South section detail
Distance 26km
Catch the south Island bus to Backwaterfoot and get off 1 Km before
Lagg at the forest track for cyclists MR 970214. This track is followed
to Lamlash and is direct and obvious on the map.
After a light lunch at Lamlash follow the coastal road and path to Dun
Fionn then down by the edge of the forest past South Corriegills and into
Brodick to your previously booked B&B.
North section detail
Distance 18km climb 859m
Although shorter, the north
section is more strenuous due
to the climb to Caisteal Abhail,
at 859m this is a mountain
Goat Fell
The start is enhanced
out of Brodick by
following the
footpath along the
shore starting at the
store on the beach
(right)  and exiting to
the A841 before
crossing the burn on
the golf course.
Follow the Glen Rosa Trail all the way up to the bealach to the west of Cir Mhor, contour below
Cir Mhor and Ascend Caisteal Abhail. Follow the ridge to Carn Dhubh (MR 961456) then
descend along the ridge north to Glean Easan. This is rocky under foot and needs care.
Glean Easan is pleasant but a little muddy down to Lochranza where, after a little refreshment,
the bus is boarded back to the ferry at Brodick.
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