Landranger maps 71 &  64. Distance 54km good wide tyres are
recommended as the forest road is quite rough in places
Windfarm construction may prevent access to the forest roads until 2009
Loudoun hill
If you do not fancy the forest track or you
do not have heavyweight tyres then an
alternative and shorter route is to follow the
minor road direct to Strathaven turning left to
avoid the A71 just west of Strathaven.
Sratheven coffee house
Start at Loudoun hill car park MR 612378
The route goes through the forest
following yellow square markers. The
forest track starts just before at High
Alderstocks at MR 610446.
Go left at the first junction and right
(straight on) at the second junction, past
the 'golf ball' on the hill and down to
Carrot where there is a little diversion
into field on the right avoiding the cottage.
Follow the lanes south of East Kilbride which
become marked as a cycle route to Raahead
(MR 623493) and then follow the cycle route
markers to Strathaven on minor roads all the
After a suitable refeshment exit Strathaven
on the B7086 taking second right to follow the
Avon water on minor roads to the B745 and go
down this to Drumclog.
Cross the A 71 and follow the minor roads back
to the start.
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