Spango Bridge Loop
Distance 39km 300m climb
Only worth attempting during a dry
spell as the hill track could be very
boggy. The hill track is remote and
hard going with some pushing needed.
I had a desire to check out the track
from Spango Bridge to Finland so
today 21April05 was the day. I parked
at Sanquar Rail station crossed the
bridge and set off  up the minor road
to Mossholm (MR805128) and
followed the track round to Cogshead
then north to Spango Bridge. The
track is lovely on Fingland Rig and the
trees are partly open so its pleasant
but with lots of up and down..
From Spango bridge the first 200m of track is obvious then it disappears but re-appears as on the map on
the south side of The Dod. I followed the track above the fence but is was faint and hard going (part walk).
I also notice when looking at the map again that I was on the north side of Lamb Know where  the track
forks, the upper track contoured  round the north shoulder of Shiel Hill and I descended to the burn at MR
775172. From here I followed a quad track near the burn down to cross Spango Water and up to the track
on Kirklea hill through Gairland and Fingland, left to the hill track down to Vennel, Kirkland and Kirconnel.
Then along the minor road back to the start.
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