Spain- Gerona            
Another Costa Brava route
An old friend and I decided to go cheap Ryanair flight Pretwick to Gerona and check out
the cycling in the area. I was very pleasantly surprised
There was lots of off road, 40km offroad to the Med, 36 km forest tracks from Quart
near Gerona and much more.
We did not have enough time to check out all the areas but there is plenty.
First day we did not have the
bikes (Ryanair Prestwick hadn't
loaded them on to the plane)
and so we walked around the
picturesque old quarter of the
city, the old wall, cathedral, etc
and the tapas bars.
Old quarter from city wall
The evening of that day we got the bikes and next day set off to the Med along the cycle
way from Gerona to Sant Feliu de Guixols, 40km off road, very pleasant indeed.
Cathedral and Sculpture
We had resevations at the Youth Hostel
in Gerona for three nights but moved
two doors along the road to Viladomat
17004 Cuitadans, 5 at 30 euros a night
at least we had a single room, but still
had the 3am disturbances.
On day three ( having obtained a No20
Mapa comarcal de Catalunya) we went
North west from Gerona north of Sant
Gregori on a very sedate route and
exteded lunch stop at Canet d'Adri,
visiting Sant Medri on route.
North west of Gerona
Red route from Quart
Day four Tom's knees were too
painfull for cycling so I went off to
Quart and did a 36km red graded off
road, not very technical except near the
start where there was a rocky climb
and near the end where there was
another rocky climb.
Later I investigated the green route at
Quart and discovered a link going west
half way round. It turned out to be an
excelent way back to the airport for the
next day.
The Pyrenees
The last day we went down to Quart and
followed the link across to the Airport. We
both thoroughly enjoyed our stay and when
the flight costs go back down we'll be back.

Mmmm-- the Milan flights are quite
Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona
Mapa comarcal de Catalunya
el baix emporda
el Girones
The leaflets above were obtained from tourist infomation in Gerona and show many off road
cycles in the area.
The map was also bought in Gerona in a little book shop.
These together show plenty of cycling opertunities, although some are a day cycle from
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