The town of Cavalese
Southern Dolomites June04
My wife and I were delighted with our recent
walking holiday based in the Val di Fiemme.
Two weeks of six or seven hours walks and
sunny days (mostly).
The view from Cimon di Bocche ridge
We stayed in the Los Andes hotel in Castello di
Fiemme, both the manager and his wife speak
perfect English which made everything so
much easier.
The area just north is very Austrian and the
food was a mix of Italian and Austrian.
The walks were
varied one day being
low level and the
highest being 2746
There was a little
snow on route to
Vajolete hut pictured
The ridges of Cimon
Bocche (above)
have world war one
trenches still to be
seen and little caves
carved out of the
rock as shelters for
the soldiers. The hut
below Cauriol has a
collection of WW1
pieces from the
Marmalada peak from Vallaccia
Locals on the hills
The Dolimite scenery is breathtaking and the
flowers on bloom meant that even as we
watched our feet as we went we had interest
and colour.
Cavalese even staged a cycle race which we
watched while eating ice cream, aaah Italy!
Preuss hut
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