Epic South Ayrshire off road
Start Tam O'Shanters south Ayr or Rozelle or Belleisle
Distance 70km 700m climb
Doonholm to the A77
Go along the Doon North bank past the Old Brig the converted mill (private road) following
the riverside go over a low wall at the weir and fork uphill staying a little way above the river
evedntually to tarmac, go right and straight on through Doonholm estate to a metal gate just as
the road bend toward the house, through the gate follow the tree edge 200m then left out to
the main A77, cross to the track past Barrhill to Carcluie (347157) and Dalrymple.
The Doon at Dalrymple
At south bridge Dalrymple go behind the parapet and follow the river through Skeldon Estate
(lovely), then go south and west on minor roads to Patna - Straiton forested track south at
Patna to Straiton
Turn left off the track at the wall just at the start of an open area before going below the
overhead cables. Follow the wall down to a burn taking the narrow ride opposite right uphill  
not the wide ride with the pylons.
Climb (push) to the top of the hill the trail from here is very rough and may be push, an
alternative route is around the forestry track but with push for 300m from the track end
(393061) or to go out to the road and  down to Straiton (
Buck Cafe) then to climb back to
the route in the forest (the climb up starts opposite the white substation building), this is
probably the best option especially with the cafe stop.
Blairquhan to Crosshill
Take the track west to Altizourie farm cross the B7045, pass cottage (369064), through gate,
ignore left tun then take the right fork uphill, in 400m is open area, then 150m into trees on left
is small clearing, turn off track through clearing to small track down to the bridge. Cross
bridge up to road then  left to Blairquhan Girvan Lodge exit, go right and right again, left past
High Garphar and straight along the rough tracks to Crosshill.
Crosshill to Culzean
Minor roads and then track past Lochspouts at MR286059 continuing up to the minor road
and NW to Kirkoswald by the track starting at MR 254066. There is a track straight ahead
(crossing the A77 at Kirkoswald) over the hill to Morriston which is overgrown, muddy and a
push at times, alternately go over the minor road to the same point.
Cross the A719 slightly right into Culzean.
A nice descent leads down to the Cat gates, follow the track right and to the top of the hill
then left down to Culzeans main thoroughfare going right to the Castle and Centre (
cafe stop).
From the Park centre take the exit road but at a right bend go straight ahead through iron gates
past a small cottage onto a track follow the track past Culzean boudary out to the A719 at
Culzean to Brown Carrick hill
Take the loop track to Old Trees and Bogside, go left up past Brockloch farm leaving the
minor road at the sharp right bend (280130) to follow the signposted track 2.5km  to near
Blacktop hill.
On leaving the trees (273156) turn right along the tree line then using the short rides to go
through the trees, emerge at the west side of Carrick hill (279157) follow the faint trail and
stiles over Brown Carrick Hill to the masts and to the minor road.
Newark hill track back to the start.
To find this track cycle over the highest point one the minor road over Carrick hills (heading
south) the road dips a little then climbs, on the left is a flat grassy area with gorse in the
distance. Cycle over this area to a small gap in the gorse which is the start of the track at a
gate. Follow the quad track over the flat summits heading east eventually the track follows a
fence then goes down hill north (left). When you clearly see the tree line with a field on its
right it is time to go steeply down on a grassy track passing a pond on your right. Join the
tarmac road and descend to the maybole B road.  Go left at the end of the straight when the
monument is in view you can turn off right on a little track down to the Old Brig, a nice place
to end.
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Caution the GPX route is plotted from map and my memory so will be less accurate over the
rough sections.