South Ayr
Short 10k route round south Ayr
Parking at Rozelle, Tam O Shanter
experience or Greenan.
The loop in Rozelle crosses a
minor road, Laughlandglen Rd,
and leads out to the A79, go right
staying on the pavement and go
right into the housing then left
along Bathurst Drive. On the
second bend go left through the
path between the houses into the
trees going right back down into
Rozelle. Exit Rozelle onto the
B7024 going right then quickly left
into Belleisle.
Cross the golf course, round right of Belleisle house and to the main drive going left into the woods
and then to the south gate, right  to the junction of Greenfield Ave and Doonfoot Rd. Go straight
over to the lane by the Doon to the Millenium bridge. Follow the cycle way left out past Greenan
castle and at the A719 go left then right in a few metres onto the old railway line. Follow the line
eventually through a tunnel out to Tam O'Shanter experience. Go round to the main (B7024) road go
right then left after 100m keeping straight at the end of Shanter way, through the woodland to
Greenfield Ave going left 300m and right back into Belleisle, go left by the animal pens, straight
across the entrance drive onto singletrack round to the gatehouse, going right to follow the wall and
crossing behind a tee to more single track beside the wall, in the trees, round to Monument road. Go
right back to the start in Rozelle.
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