River Ayr Singletrack    GPX
A 35km route along the river Ayr with a substantial amout of singletrack
Park in Ayr by the college just before crossing the river at MR344215.
Cycle upstream beside the river keeping there until reaching the A77. Go right over the
river then right below the road and onto the opposite footpath going north, go right into
Mainholm following the cycleway to Auchincruive Oswald Bridge.
Turn into Auchincruive following the riverside until you go through a wall, fork steeply
uphill, continuing right at the top then left onto a narrow track in 10m.
At a bridge cross the burn and climb to Annbank, cross the street a little left and go
down a track, left at a track crossing and climb uphill on the road to Enterkine Hotel
Go down the hotel drive fork left, keep left at the farm and then right at the converted  
mill, right at the road and right again down to Stair Inn, a good spot for lunch.
There is now a better route than that below (red). Leave Stair Inn the way you came
cross the bridge and at the cottages (100m) leave the road right onto the River Ayr
Way. In 1.5km at the start of the Failford Gorge walk (stairs) keep left high in the
wood and again in 1.5km keep left after a little bridge with steps. Keep left the rest of
the way reaching the B743 at the rail bridge to the west of Failford. Go left to pick up
the farm track as below.
Leave the B730 at Stair onto the minor road and go down the drive toward Stairhill
at MR460236.At the bend before Stairhill go through a gate onto a rough track
along the trees, then along the side of a field eventually through a gate into the trees.
Just beyond a large barn
take the track right below Stairaird, down to the bridge, cross and go left out to the
Go left through Failford, and after the railway bridge go off right onto a farm track, in
just less than a kilometre go straight on at a crossing, following a narrow track across
to the minor road SE of Tarbolton.
Go left to the crossroads and straight across onto the B744, joining the B743 for a short
time before turning off left toward Annbank on the B744 again. As you climb past some
trees and a rusty old car there is a trail on the left around the small woodland edge.
After leaving the trees go right at the crossroads and at Mossblown church go left
through a parking area down a singletrack, at its end (gate) go right and where the
track bends go left through a gate, 50m right and 200m join a singletrack along the LH
side of a fence, fork downhill and then right close to the river then beside the river back
to Oswald hall. Go right along the front of the hall and 150m after a road on the right
behind the bushes is a stile, cross it and follow the singletrack 200m back out to the
same road, go right and at the main college building left out to the road, going left
downhill to the cycleway (right) back to Ayr.
After joining the cycleway in 250m is some singletrack through the wood on the right,
it is worth the effort.
Continue back to Ayr the way you came.
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