Patna to Straiton hill track
Landranger 70/71
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Parking is at the entrance to the forest above Patna
Yesterday (31March) I went over from Patna
toward Straiton and pottered about in the forest
finally being chased by three farm dogs at Barneil
farm (MR366086) so you have been warned.
just west of Cairhill
The track is an old right of way and the
first decision is to take second left (middle
road) and the next is right at MR406089.
At the clearing with the pilons go left along
the wall edge and follow the signed posts to
Straiton. The track is heavy going for about
a kilometre in the middle section with a
short carry and some pushing.
The return is on the road or up the
Dalmellington (B741) to the forest track to
the forest track (MR403055) back into
Lambdoughty forest rejoining the old track
back to Patna.
I did the extended route below which
puts the Patna Straiton link into a more
natural use. The distance is 50km.
Full description
The large route option is to Loch Braden,9
kim south (uphill) then across to Loch
Finlas and Loch Doon on the new forestry
commission track (see Loch Braden
route), along the Doon to the west of
The next section is along the dismantled
railway starting to the north west of the
town at MR475065 to Waterside (a small
section on the A741), then on the hillside
above Waterside along to Patna.
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