Cairn table circuit Muirkirk
Landranger map 71

On a bright crisp October morning recently I
decided to revisit a
Muirkirk route. I had originally
built up the route by combining a number of others
into a mini epic and thought that the recent relatively
dry spell would mean easier going, WRONG!
Kaims old outdoor centre
Cairn Table from Gapel glen
The start was Kaims in Muirkirk.

The Gapel water track is good for about 3 km
then goes to soggy for the next 3 km and the
first ½ km in the forest not much better.
Although it was crisp I wore my shorts for the
Gapel climb to keep cool.
Duneaton after the ford
In the forest there was snow and ice on the
tracks but I just kept going in my shorts keeping
to the crunchy white away from clear ice

The ford crossing at Duneaton water is no great
problem, however just as I was half way across
I had chain suck, stalled and ended up with very
wet feet. I wrung my socks out and carried on,
what else was there to do?
Glenbuck Loch
At Gletaggart my bike had started to make an ominous noise and oh dear! my front wheel rim
was very nearly nackered. time to get off the rough stuff ASAP. I had intended going over
Common hill and the wind farm but that was out now in favour of a smooth (dull) return along
the road. It was still a good outing though.
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