Portencross Trails
The Beach trail to Portencross
From the main road through Seamill follow the sign to
the Golf Course and pass it to the beach where there is a
trail to Ardneill bay very near to Portencross.
Ardneill over Goldenberry
When you leave the beach go straight across the
Portencross road through Ardneill farm and up the
obvious track to the top of Goldenberry hill.
At the top go through the metal gate to the trig point
turn left and follow the faint track down to the trees
where the track become obvious. At the tarmac road
go right out to the Hunterston section of the Sustrans
Left to Fairlie right to West Kilbride
Portencross to the Power Station
This is an obvious trail from Portencross along the sea
front leading to the Power Station access road and on
to the Fairlie trails or back to West Kilbride.
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