Afton New Cumnock

Over the rise toward Afton you descend fast to a T junction go left to continue the fast rough descent to the minor road and left to New Cumnock.

Ayr Coylton via Dalrymple
From Tam O' Shanter experience MR334181 go out and left then first left past Old Brig O Doon past the old mill now flats to the riverside going left beside the river taking the higher track after the sluices at the weir. Right at tarmac and when the road bends right go through the metal gate and across the track in the field keeping left away from the cottage on to the A77 (pavement). Cycle up to Barrmill and along the soft track to Carcluie farm (fence crossing midway) then down to Dalrymple on the B7034.
Go right in Dalrymple to the bridge on the Doon and onto the riverside trail before the bridge on the left.
Follow the riverside trail below Skeldon house to the minor road going left and through the first gate on the right. Cross the field to a stile and little footbridge over the laid on past Skeldon mills and up to the B7034. Turn left and then down past Balgreen and to Malcolmston. On the A713 go left for a kilometre
and fork off left onto the minor road then right onto a rough track, cross the A713 going along the pleasant minor road south of Martnaham out to the B742 and down to Coylton on the twisty back road past Highpark and Laighpark farm.
Ayr to Culzean and Maybole

From Ayr centre make your way down the south bank of the river passing the leisure centre onto the promenade going south all the way to the river Doon bridge. If walking do not cross the bridge instead turn left up river. Cross the main road straight on along Greenfield Avenue. In 500 m at a lodge go right up a gravel track following it to Shanter Way (forrk right to walk by the river). Leaving Shanter Way turn right passing Alloway Auld Kirk, fork left at the hotel down to the Brig O' Doon. Cross over the river and follow the track out to the road. Go left (no path) for 300m and go right through the gates of Newark. Keep left on a tarmac road climbing passing several houses. At a left bend leave the tarmac onto a dirt track. The track becomes rougher and climbs past a pond, climbs steeply to a fence. Go generally right and uphill to the crest of the ridge and follow a faint track out to the minor road below the masts of Carrick hills. Another alternative for the walker is to take the track beyond Burton Farm (MR317176) beyond the trees go up through fields Newark hill and the Carrick hill minor road as above.

If on the MTB continue over the River Doon following the national cycleway past Greenan Castle onto the A719 for just over 2 km then left still following the cycleway up toward the communications masts on Carrick Hills. Turn right off the minor road, cycle up to the masts go on past the masts, keep high and use the stile to cross the electric fence about 200 m beyond the masts. Go to the right of the small hill to find a faint track which leads to the top of Brown Carrick Hill. Pass the triangulation pillar and descend to the trees to where there is a gate. Go through the ride, turn right and go into the field. Turn left and follow the edge of the field (there's a quad track 50m from the fence) to a good track (1/2km). This is the split point for Culzean or maybole.

For Maybole go uphill through the gate and just before the loch fork right (waymarked). Follow this rough track 1km to a fence at the edge of the moor .At the fence turn right following the walk markers along the fence edge out to the road at MR280130. Turn right and follow the minor road to Maybole.
For Culzean go along the west side of the lochan to Blacktop hill then cross the fence going along the side of the forest until the burn can be crossed, turn back to the burn and find a faint quad track on the left of the burn (this part can be very overgrown with bracken in the summer) leading down to Drumshang forest. Half way down it goes right, steeply down for 25m beside a little burn, it joins the main track at MR 260146.
Exit to the main road half a km north of Drumshang and return to the track opposite, if the tide is out go directly down this leaving it down a faint track to the beach on a very nice little trail. If the tide is high then follow the main road. Leave the beach after 3 km at the minor road end and climb toward the main road. In 500m on the right (MR248111) is a track up into Culzean by keeping right.
Ayr Failford
From Ayr College (MR344215) cycle upstream on the north side of the river until reaching the A77. Go right over the river then right below the road and onto the opposite footpath going north, go right into Mainholm following the cycleway to Auchincruive Oswald Bridge.
Turn into Auchincruive following the riverside until you go through a wall, fork steeply uphill, continuing right at the top then left onto a narrow track in 10m.
At a bridge cross the burn and climb to Annbank, cross the street a little left and go down a track, left at a track crossing and climb uphill on the road to Enterkine Hotel drive.
Go down the hotel drive fork left, keep left at the farm and then right at the converted  mill, right at the road and right again down toward Stair Inn, a good spot for lunch, 150m before the bridge go through a gate on the left onto the river Ayr way, following the riverside toward Failford. When entering the nature reserve go left, avoiding the worst of the stairs, keep left through the reserve eventually reaching the B743 at a railway bridge west of Failford
Ayr Troon

From Ayr town centre cross to the north side of the river and go west toward the docks then north through the little trading area. Pass a gas storage tank on your left, go over a bridge and onto the shore front. When the road turns right away from the front go straight ahead up a rough track then along the edge of a golf course and left back down to the shore front onto a wide promenade. In just over a kilometre follow the road away from the sea front but after 250m go left into a golf course entrance, keep left along the edge of the course (well away from play) on a good track which in 1.5km turns away from the sea, crosses a wide burn to a caravan park. See alternative below. Go left along a narrow track by the west side of the park forking right acrosss two fairways of a golf course before the track improves. Midway along its length go right to a bridge over the railway and straight ahead to the the B749. Cross the B road onto an nice dirt track. Cross the next minor road passing a ruined church, go left beyond the church and follow a rough track to a minor road keeping right (straight) into Fularton park.

An alternative route avoiding the golf course, which may be busy at the week end or holidays, is to go right at the caravan to the cycleway by the dual carriageway keeping left along the cycleway to the railway bridge.
Ballantrae to Pinwherry
From Ballantrae go south cross the river Stincharand take the first minor road on the left. In 600m go through some metal gates passing the west lodge and continue along a sometimes soft track to the caravan park at Laggan House. Go right to the minor road and then left to cycle the minor road parallel to the A765 and the river. Eventually the road becomes a footpath passing Dangart to Pinwherry.
Barr to Stinchar bridge
Leave Barr going east beside the burn up a pleasant valley. The tarmac becomes a rough forest track in 2km and climbs steadily for the next 4km before descending to a junction, go right here downhill to the minor road. Go right climbing again and in 1.5km leave the tarmac road onto a rough track to the left. This track cotours along the hillside, with some nice views for 6km before at a left bend take a track off right, this becomes a wide singletrack to Stinchar Bridge.
Clatteringshaws to Backhill of Bush
Cycle along the west side of Clatteringshaws on a pleasant tarmac road which becomes a track after Craigencallie House. 1.5km beyond the house go right cross the River Dee take next left and in 6km pass Backhill of Bush bothy.
Clatteringshaws to Newton Stewart
From the A712 cycle along the west side of Clatteringshaws Loch for 1.5km leave it at a sharp right bend onto the Old Edinburgh road, now a forest track. Pass Black Loch on either side and continue south west still on forest tracks. Eventually 10km from Clatteringshaws you get to a t junction go right 2.5km to a minor road and left to newton Stewart in 5km.
Clauchrie to Barr
Take the north track from White Clauchrie passing Loch Scalloch in 3km keep rightto the end of the track at Drumneleillie Hill head north through forest rides to more open very rough and wet ground ground below pylons, continue north onto a wide ridge to pick up a track. Ignore left and right tracks on the fast descent down to the valley. Left to Barr.
Clauchrie Trool

I have not cycled this line so the description is only based on the OS map. From Clauchrie go east passin Ferter in 2km, left 1km, right 700m, 1km right, 600m right, 300m left around the south side of Loch Moan, 3km left and 3km to the Straiton Newton Stewart minor road. Go south (right) on the minor road 2.5km then left toward Palgowan, right after crossing Water of Minnoch, 1.5km right downhill, 2km straight, on 150m left, 300m right downhill, 1km right to the minor road. Go right to Stroan Bridge and the tea room.

Cornalees Skelmorlie. From the visitor centre go left across the bridge up to and through a gate on the right onto Kelly cut. Follow the cut for 4km to a good track at Kelly reservior going downhill from here 2km. Opposite the caravan park on the left is a track to a footbridge, go that way but just before the bridge go right down a rough singletrack on the north side of the Kelly Burn to Wemyss bay.
Cornalees Greenock. A good track leads north (left) from the visitor centre over the hill down to Greenock with a marvelous view.
Cornalees Largs. Three options are available, fistly the Cornalees Skelmorlie route above and minor roads (The Meigle) to Largs. Second is minor road south from Cornalees down the pleasant Brisbane Glen directly to Largs and third the Ferret of Kieth Moor. 3km south of Cornalees cross the Red Burn at Rotten Burn Bridge, climb for 800m to a hard rough area on the right go through this to a muddy quad track follow the quad track on the east side of the burn and to the west of Knockencorsan ridge for about 1km the track improves considerably and gives a great run down to Barr farm then follow the minor (Meigle) road into Largs.
Cornalees Lochwinnoch. Go south from the visitor centre around the south side of Loch Thom, go left at the minor road junction and in 2km at the dam go right onto a rough track going past Garvock Lodge (ruin) on the south side of Gryfe Reservior to the B788 in 5km.Go left uphill then right almost immediately. At High Mathernock (2km) go right over a nice track to Chapel, go left on the B788 and in 500m right onto minor roads, keep right uphill past Hardridge and Kilmacolm High Dam onto the moor on a good track.take the right track 1km past High Dam following it all the way to Muirshiel Country park (coffee snacks available in summer & WE). A rough walking option is available from here up to Misty Law where a good track can be picked up leading down to Ladyland (MR323578) and Kilbirnie by minor road. Alternately follow the minor road downhill to the B786 but almost immediately leave the B road right up a narrow road leading above the gorge and down to Lochwinnoch.
Culzean Girvan
Pass the Swan Pond in Culzean heading SW, climb a short distance left through the caravan park and along to Maidens. At the main road (A719) go left 150m and right at the corner, in a further 200m go left onto a farm road. Follow this road keeping straight on for 1km but among some buildings at Little Turnberry take the left option
SW past a fishery to the main A719, follow this to the A77. Go right 100m and fork off left up and through Drumbeg farm crossing fields swinging left on a rough muddy track to Macawston Farm and right at the minor road. After 1km leave the minor road straight on at a sharp right bend onto a good rough track. In 1km pass Ladykirk Farm keeping straight on. Take the second track on the left 500m after ladykirk, it is stoney and climbs. After 600m leave the track into a field edge with the fence on the left and climb up for 250m to another track beside a water tank sunk in the ground. Descend forking right to the B741. Go right toward Girvan but left below the A77 to follow the minor road into Girvan.
Dailly Barr
Leaving Dailly on the B741 at the west edge of the village go up the farm track passing Balcamieturn right uphill on the minor road. In 3km leave the minor road (287982) into the windfarm track through to the B734 and left down to Barr.
Dailly Maybole
Cycling west through Dailly on the B741, before the road bridge go off the road down a track beside the river. In 100m go over a footbridge then right along to a ruin, pass the ruin (do not cross the river) and continue through rhododendrons to Dalquharran ruin. Follow the old drive to the minor road then go left, in 500m, fork right off the B741 uphill below the railway. After 1.5km beyond Glenlochrie turn off the road down along a path marked private but don't worry the forest road stays away from the house. Go straight along the forest road to a minor road in 3km then left uphill to High newlands ruin in 1km. Go off the road right onto a signed footpath and in 600m there is a choice of routes, left is easier to follow. Going left leads to a better track in 600m, go straight ahead here and right at the junction in 2km, keep left at the next junction by a bridge along an undulating minor road to Maybole.
Going right the track improves in Glenshalloch woodnear the bottom of the track look for a rough track sharply left up into an open cast area, go up here and right as you climb go diagonally left then up a steep exit to a track leading right out of the open area. Go left at the juntion and right (straight) shortly after follow a nice (muddy) track along the hillside in woodland to a gate and overgrown track. Keep straight along the wall and fence to a good track down to a cross roads go straight on (north) to Maybole this junction is confusing.
Backhill of Bush Dalmellington
5km north of Backhill bothy at Riders Rigg is a forest ride marked by a cairn at the trackside.This 2km ride leads through to the forest track to Loch Doon along a faint track leading north. If it's dry you may be able to cycle. Cross a burn at a stone ledge, in 2km you join another forest road - turn right. It is possible to miss the end forest road to the west so be sure to follow the Kirreoch Burn not the dry ride.Go right at the forest track 2.5km to Loch Doon and follow Loch Doon side. At the north1km after leaving the loch is a track crossing go left downhill to a bridge and right before the bridge along the waterside. At the next choice either route left will do. The lower left follows the river to a road then right out to the east side of Dalmellington. The uphill route goes to a track on the east side of Bellshill and down to Dalmellington town.
Dalmellington Errif
From the A713 take the road signposted Bellsbank but go immediately left up to the memorial, go right uphill from the memorial along a good track west of Bellsbank to the riverside in 2km. Go left along the riverside and at a bridge climb left away from the river. In 500m cross a minor road , continue climbing on a rough track 3.5km to Errif. Errif can have dogs loose. I have been through here several times and only encountered dogs once. It may be possible to go around to the south through a felled area or push across to the road at the north edge of Loch Muck.
Dalmellington Patna
Leaving Dalmellinton west on the A713 go right at the B741 junction. Left in 300m and immediately left again onto an old railway, follow this for almost 2km untill you are forced onto the main road. Go along the road to Waterside. At the first building in waterside go off the road right, pushing the bike below a low railway bridge over a burn into the unused rail yard. Cross the yard and climb tot he right above the old works following a track to the works mangers house. Go down from here to a old railway track, follow it right 3km to Patna.
Darvel Dungavel

The river Irvine flow to the south of Darvel, on its south bank is a lovely quiet road passing the east entrance to Lanfine Estate. From the south side of the river bridge east of Lanfine estate go east uphill on a rough track passing to the left of a cottage into a field track, left downhill to High Greenbank Farm. 300m beyond the farm cross a burn by a bridge leave the road right to follow a footpath beside the burn (may be overgrown in summer). At the end of the track go left downhill and then right at Bransfield Farm. 600m go left (signed footpath) on a good track uphill to Loanfoot. The footpath goes left around a shed at the edge of the farm and to a nice ford just under 1km beyond the farm. Climb away from the ford but keep left along a field edge track ignoring the track by the burn. At a better track after two gates go straight then right through Burnhead farm, keep left for 6km along a forest track to Bankend and at the B745 keep right onto the B743 south. Dungavel hill has good forest tracks for the energetic.

Darvel Whitelee
Leave Darvel on the A71 turning off left at the edge of the town steeply uphill on a minor road, left again in 500m still uphill. In 3km descend on the minor road over Glen Water, climb steeply up to a junction and go right toward High Overmuir. Follow signs for High Overmuir but at a bend 200m before the farm go over a stile following a ditch and ride into the forest to a forest track, this is Whitelee forest.
Douglas Dungavel
This is easiest from Douglas to Dungavel as the push section is downhill this way. From Douglas Leave the A70 right up to Douglas West keep straight onto Arkney Hill keep straight contouring around Common hill below the windfarm. Cross a track after the fast descent and climb through the forest . Left 2km, right 1.5km, R 1km, L 400m, L2km, leading to an open area on the SW of Nutberry Hill. Leave the track and push/cycle west down along Leaze burn 2km to a good track to the B743.
Douglas Fingland
Go north from Fingland into the forest in 3km Between Black Law and Nipes hills. Keep right through the forest emerging after 4km on the north side of Duneaton Water. There is a ford to cross 500m downstream. Almost2km after the ford go right at a track crossing to a minor road down Glentagart and 9km to Douglas, the last 2km on the A70.
Douglas Lanark
Go through the narrow lanes on north side of Douglas to a set of large iron gates then along a rough road through open parkland. Keep right after the first loch then left shortly after continue straight on to rejoin the A70 just west of the motorway. Go below the motorway, left at the roundabout on the B7078. In 600m go right onto a minor road through woodland. After 1km is a double bend at Torfsgate leave the minor road left, 1.2km cross a minor road, continue straight on close to the motorway for 4km to Devonburn go right on a minor road, 700m cross straight over keep straight on up to a mast on the hill. 2km after the mast rejoin minor roads going left, fork right (straight) then left downhill to Lanark.
Dundonald Irvine

From Fularton House and park go northwest to the B746 go through loans onto the A759. Just over 1km from Loans turn rught toCollennan pass a reservior on either side to its north east tip. Follow a muddy track uphill then below quarry workings, take a new track on the left, it ends suddenly, go right along singletrack. In 500m descend to a better track and go left, follow this obvious track below some crags to a small bridge, cross the bridge and cuycle uphill to Dundonald Castle visitor centre where there is a chance of tea and cake in summer. Go left at the road and cross the A759 a little right. In 3km cross a bridge before the dual carriageway. At the far side leave the road left along a narrow tarmac track. In about 1km is a bridge turn away from the bridge onto a muddy track across 700m of waste ground. Cross above the dual carriageway. Go straight ahead, cross the busy B7081 onto a lane. Follow the pedestrian lane through the houses then right down to the river going left along to a bridge. Cross the bridge following a tarmac track through open ground to the road. Go left climb and cross a minor road in the scheme. The road bend left and in about 250m leave it right down a narrow tarmac lane to another open area. Follow the riverside to a bridge, cross the bridge and follow the muddy track to the B769 (MR355402) at a stagered crossroads go right then left.

There is a nice short bit of singletrack in the wood to the right accessed through a wooden gate. At the next junction go left across Annick Water then first right up a walkway, cross straight over at the top, continuing straight to a road. Go right and in 200m leave the road onto a track on the left, go right, below a raod then left and left again to climb up steeply to some large stones on the horizon. Pass the stones, keep next left and follow the track into Eglinton Park. The cafe may be open in summer months.
Eaglesham Neilston
Leave Eaglesham SW on the B764 turning righ onto a minor road after 250m.in 2km pass a golfclub and in another 900m keep left to East Moorhouse and South Moorhouse on a designated footpath keeping right to a minor road adjacent to the A77 and another golf club. Go right along the old A77 (cycleway) and turn into the golfclub to a nice track along by the fairways to Pilmuir. Left at Pilmuir. Follow minor roads to Neilston pad as follows Pilmuir left, 700m left, 700m left on the B769, 200m right, 1.2km right after Craigton, 500m right1km left then immediately left again toward Snypes Dam fishery. At the fishery car park in 1.5km go through the car park down to the water, left along the waterside, cross a small bridge, keep left along the trees to a good track below Neilston Pad go right, through two gates, keep left through another two gates (not down to Craig of Neilston) and at the top of the rise a little singletrack on the right leads across to the Neilston Dunlop minor road.
Whitelee Eaglesham
Going east through Whitelee from High Overmuir, in 2.5km is a junction turn left for Eaglesham, ignore any tracks from the left before Corse hill with its golf ball mast. Go up to the mast for the view and a little rough descent before continuing to Carrot where there is a diversion through the field away from the cottage. There is now a fast descent on the minor road, left to Eaglesham at the next junction. Eaglesham can be almost bypassed by turning up left 1km before the village to Highhill cottage then right at a crossing, right again in 50m onto a rough track to Picketlaw reservior and the roundabout on the west side of Eaglesham.
Whitelee East Kilbride
Going east through Whitelee from High Overmuir, in 2.5km is a junction turn right, 1km turn left, in 4km go right and emerge onto minor roads go left to East Kilbride.
Eriff Afton
From Eriff go north on the main road almost a kilometre then right uphill into the forest keeping right 5km to water of Deugh. Go left up the valley passing Moor (3km) keeping left (or straight) for 6km then right up over the hill to Afton. Keep left above Afton for a very fast descent to the minor road out left to New Cumnock.
Eriff Lorg
Go south down the A713 from Eriff, fork off left after 1km keep right just over the rise down to sluices. Go left, 400m right, climb for 400m then right, 1.5km straight on, 1km left, 3km right and right, 400m right and climb steadily keeping left up onto the open ridge in 1km. After 1km in the open go off the path onto a quad track over Dugland Hill then steeply down (walk) to Clennock bothy. From here a good track leads south 4km to Moorbrock and downhill (left fork 300m down from Moorbrock) to a minor road by the Water of Ken Go left up the minor road to the Lorg track.
Fenwick Whitelee
Take the Waterside road from Fenwick go right at the A719 then left in 600m. In 3.5km go right past Craigends and in 1.5km left around the north side of Whiteleehill, in 2.5km on the right is a ride leading down to High Overmuir and Darvel or continue straight for Eaglesham, East Kilbride, and Strathaven.
Girvan Barr
A714 south Girvan, 1km opposite minor road go through a gate climb on a good track through the dip between the hills. Contour around the hill on a good track through a gate onto an overgrown forest track to Barbae going right to the road. If on mountain bike go left along the road just over 1km on leave through a gate right steeply up a good track in a field to the windfarm. Left at the windfarm road, ignore right and left tracks out to the B734 going right down to Barr. If walking follow the footpath sign to Dupin, Auchensoul Hill and Barr.
Girvan Dailly
From the Girvan traffic lights heading north fork off the main road in 100m cross the river and follow the riverside on a minor road out of the town. Go below the main road and continue along the B741 for 4km. Beyond and behind Low Craighead take a rough track left off the road, follow it for just under 1km. Where there are trees on both sides of the track go through a small wooden gate on the right to enjoy a short easy downhill singletrack. Go left at the bottom 1.5km to a minor road go right down to the B741 again. In 300m just past the Dailly road go through a gate on the right by a gatehouse into Dalquharran Castle ruin go right toward the front of the house and right along the edge of the rhododendrons. A track leads down to another castle ruin and then right along the riverside into Dailly.
Gleniffer Johnstone
From Robertson Park car park cross the B775 and go west contouring, do not climb steeply or descend steeply but keep relatively level on a small track which improves and then becomes interesting. In 1km go through a stile onto the Brandburn way, lovely twisty fast singletrack. In a further 1km go very steeply down to a bridge then up again along the side of the field into trees on a muddy path leading to a minor road. Cross the road through two metal barriers 300m down a flight of steps (cycleable), go left at the bottom bending right to parallel a minor road into Johnstone. The road leads to a busier road go right and immediately left down to the B787, right and left at the town centre toward the A737 but just before the roundabouts go left onto the cycleway. Follow the cycleway to Lochwinnoch.
Irvine West Kilbride

If walking leave Eglinton by the west gate on Irvine Road cross the road by the Pelican crossing continuing west away from the main rod to the river. Cross the river by the bridge and go right along the riverside to the town centre. Visit the abbey just off the pedestrianised Main St and then continue toward the railway station. Just beyond the crossroads at the station go right (barriered) along Ashgrove road. In just less than a kilometre go straight across the roundabout out of town. Keep right for 2km past High Smithstone to join the MTB route at Outer Smithstone.

Go west out of Eglinton Park onto the Kilwinning road go right on the walkway 100m and right again onto a minor road linking to the B785 on the east side of Kilwinning. Go straight over the crossroads 1km to the B778. Cross slightly right onto a minor road leading west to the Sustrans cycle route, go right (north). In 1km go steeply downhill and then just before the raiway bridge go left leading to Dalgarven Mill and a tea room. Go right along the A737 for 200m then left uphill. Climb to an offset crossroads, go straight on(slightly left). At the top of the hill go right to Outer Smithstone cross a field and awkward burn onto a muddy track to Girthill, right on the busy minor road and left to Caddell through the farm (right of way) straight on past Miekle Ittington farm, left uphill on the B780. Near the top of the hill (300m) go right all the way up to the mast at the top of Knockewart hill, keeping left round the farm. Pick up a quad track on the north side of the hill going down the northwest ridge keep north to a old wall and fence then turn left to a gate and a better track. Keep by the wall going west with nice views eventually going below the northside of Law Hill to the Castle and down to West Kilbride.
Kilmarnock Darvel
Navigate through Kilmanock to the footway at MR446380 crossing above the dual carriageway. Follow the road east almost 1km. Take a nice track by the right bank of the river Irvine (see altenative below) and follow it along the west bank to Crookedholm. Go left to the roundabout and left on the A71 for 300m, turn right up a road then footway going left onto a track to parallel the main road. In 400m join a better track going right away from the main road on the west side of Cessnock Water to an old railway, push up to the railway and go left to the A719 then down left into Galston. From Galston centre crossroads go straight ahead on the A719 in 30m turn right along to a playing field go through the gate and anticlockwise around the running track to the far side, leave the running track onto singletrack along the riverside. In 1.5km after going round a kennel the track becomes a landrover track and reaches Newmilns industrial estate. Continue along Stratholm Terrace, Stoneygate Rd, Brown St and justbefore crossing the river go right at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Keep right at the next junction along by the river. At the second gatehouse go left through a narrow section continuing along the river for a further 1.5km to a third gate house, go left here cross the river by bridge and in 100m right along the river to the main road (A71)
Alternative route is to simply continue along the minor road going right in 1km , continuing 3km to Loudoun Kirk (worth a quick look) go behind the kirk (east side over the little bridge) and follow a narrow track to the main road then into Galston turning left after the bridge over the river to the playing field as above.
Kilmarnock Troon
From the centre of Kilmarnock there is a track on the west side of the River Irvine leading south out of the town and continuing to Gatehead on a fishermans track, it may be overgrown out of the town but minor roads can be used. Leave the riverside at water tanks just before Gatehead on a good track up to the village. Go right at the Inn to Laigh Milton Mill in 1km. Leave the road before the mill down to the historic viaduct. Cross the viaduct then follow the old line of the railway or go up to field edges if very muddy. Go past Cockhill to the A579. Go straight across on to a rough track up to the wood on the hilltop keep right through the cottages to arrive at a B class road, go left into Dundonald. In Dundonald go straight over (slightly right) to the castle visitor centre and tea room. Go down the track behind the tea room over the footbridge and left around the bottom of the hill. After a steep climb (push) the track bend sharp left over a small burn go right off the main track up muddy singletrack, contour along the hillside to a better track left, go this way, below quarry workings go right along a muddy track to a reservior, go either sde of the reservior out to the A759 then left, straight on at the mini roundabout and in 700m there is a substation road on the right go down this, cross a field on a firm grassy track into Fularton wood by Troon.
Lorg Glenglass
From the minor road just before Lorg cross the stile and make your way along the ride through the forest, lots of pushing, to the forest track close to the bothy. Go left 5km climbing then downhill before forking right down to Glenglass in a further 2km.
Mauchline Sinclairston
From the traffic light in Mauchline go west on the B743 for 150m then left down a minor road for 1km then left crossing across to another minor road down to Haugh. Fork off the road at Haugh before the bridge and follow the track along to the riverside. continue along the river to the Viaduct, take the right fork on the climb away from the stairs. On arriving at the minor road go right crossing the river in 400m. Climb up the old road and beyond the gate at the top go rightand in 300m go straight onto a rough track. In 1km keep straight and in a further 600m keep straight crossing the gorge up to Auchinleck house. Beyond the house at the farm go left to the B7036 to Ochiltree. Join the main road briefly but fork off left to climb through the village. In just under2km at a crossroads go left across the A70 and continue 2.5km to the B7046, go right here 2.5km to Sinclairston.
Fingland Muirkirk
Go north from Fingland on a rough track 3km then into the forest 500m into the forest go left. In 600m round a sharp left bend and 400m off right into an enclosed very muddy ride over an awkward burn (March burn) onto the moor where thing improve for a while. Follow this often muddy track to Muirkirk enjoying the last 2km rough descent toward the town. Before the town at a dry stane dyke and descriptive sign go left here toward Sorn
Neilston Gleniffer
Leaving Neilston pad at MR474560 turn left toward Dunlop and in 100m right. In 600m just after a short steep road descent go off the road right through a metal gate 600m down to a minor road, cross it slightly right through a gate and follow the track to the A736, cross it slightly left onto a minor road. See walking alternative below, if on mountain bike go along this minor road parallel to the A736 almost 3km turn sharply back (easy to miss) and steeply uphill to Woodneuk, Fereneze Hills and the radio masts. The tracks go round the west side of Brownside Braes but at a metal gate the track improves and heads east follow it down Brownside Braes but at a sweeping right bend go off left at a signpost. Follow the singletrack across the hillside into Glen Park. Keep left along the grassy edge of the park onto a good track uphill left. Eventually you climb a set of steep steps (carry or push) before continuing across a minor road toward Robertson Park on a narrow tarmac trail. This trail bends left goes steeply up and is diverted upstream to a small burn crossing. Follow the track across another minor road to Robertson Park (car park).
If walking take the Killoch Glen signed path climbing through the Fereneze signed tracks past Harelaw reservior to rejoin the mountain bike route on Brownside Braes.
New Cumnock Fingland Muirkirk
1km north on the A76 through New Cumnock up over the raiway and turn right. 5km climbing passing Craigshiel on the north side of Corencon hill. Keep right for 4km to the track end then follow a quad track 300m to Dennigall hill, cross the fence and follow a ride left down to a good track in 150m. In 1km go left down and over Auchtitench Lane (burn) ignore the first left take next left (1.5km) signed for Muirkirk. For Fingland go to description below. Go 600m round a sharp left bend and 400m off right into an enclosed very muddy ride over an awkward burn (March burn) onto the moor where thing improve for a while. Follow this often muddy track to Muirkirk enjoying the last 2km rough descent toward the town. Before the town at a dry stane dyke and descriptive sign go left toward Sorn along the River Ayr Way.
Fingland Go right from this point right again in 800m, leave the forest in 500m and continue to Fingland in 3km.
Patna Coylton
Leave Patna north on the A713, just beyond the railbridge at the 30MPH signs go right uphill toward Lethanhill. Climb steeply up for 1km and turn left off the good track contouring along the hillside. In 1km at Polnessan burn fork downhill to a disused mine then climb again to rejoin the original track contouring round the hill (the detour avoids some very difficult undergrowth) the track improves and you can enjoy a blast down to Rankinston. At the north end of Rankinston go left into some old workings to the B730 go left and right through Dalmaca climbing to the minor road (see walking alternative below). Go right, left in 1.5km,Straight in a further 1km, straight at the B742 and left at the main road to Coylton.
A walking alternative (or very rough mountain bike trail) is to go over Craigs of Kyle to Holybush, down to Skeldon Mills to follow the river Doon past Skeldon mains to Dalrymple.
Patna Sinclairston
Leave Patna north on the A713, just beyond the railbridge at the 30MPH signs go right uphill toward Lethanhill. Climb steeply up for 1km and turn left off the good track contouring along the hillside. In 1km at Polnessan burn fork downhill to a disused mine then climb again to rejoin the original track contouring round the hill (the detour avoids some very difficult undergrowth) the track improves, continue to a burn (MR448125) from here it is a carry/push south uphill to the forest track. At the track go left keeping left for 9km to Polquhairn and Sinclairston.
Patna Straiton
Leave Patna up past the cemetery heading west and into the forest (left) at the top of the hill (MR407106). Go second left, again left in 1km, and right in 1km, just at the start of the open area with pylons leave the main track along the right side of a wall, follow the wall to a dip, cross the burn and go up the narrower ride without pylons.
At the top of the hill take the forest road left, (the footpath is straight on but is very heavy going for the mountain bike) right in 1km out to the B741 and right down to Straiton and the Buck Cafe, open summer and WE winter.
Pinwherry Clauchrie
On the east side of the river in Pinwherry go up the minor road 5km to Mark climb up into the forest and continue 5km to White Clauchrie. Go left for Barr and Right for Glen Trool.
Fingland Sanquhar
From Fingland it is 8km on a minor road to the B740, go straight across and follow the minor road into Sanquhar.
Sanquhar Glenglass
From Sanquhar go SW 7km on a minor road to Glenglass beside Euchan Water.
Sanquhar Wanlockhead
From Sanquhar railway stn cross the raiway and climb north on minor roads past keeping straight aheadat a T junction go left past Glenries and Mossholm. Continue 9km contouring around the hills keeping right in and out of the forest then descend down beside Wanlock Water to Wanlockhead.
Sorn Galston
From Sorn to Galston is almost all done on the quiet B7037 1km west of the village off the B743 to Mauchline, however at Sornhill village turn off right then 100m left again down to a burn and some nice single track on the left through the wood, crossing another road down to the edge of Galston go right to the centre of town and a busy traffic controlled crossroads.
Muirkirk Sorn
From just before Kaims at a dry stane dyke with a descriptive sign go left to Tibbies brig and simply follow the River Ayr Way waymarks to Sorn at various points the B743 provides an easy option.
Sorn Stair
This follows the waymarked River Ayr Way with two exceptions, from Catrine there is some awkward steps so it is easier to follow the B713 to the main A76 then go right 50m left down the old road to rejoin the R.A.W. Until the way through Barskimming is sorted go round the minor roads south of Mauchline to the B743 to Failford.
Stinchar Bridge Dalmellington
From Stinchar Bridge go east on a minor road 2km to Loch Bradan (see alternative below) then right passing Ballochbeatties onto the pleasant forest drive to Loch Doon ignore a right turn to Tunskeen bothy. At Loch Doon follow the minor road along the loch. 1km beyond the end of the loch go if going to Dalmellinton go left and at the botom of the track right along the river. If continuing to Eriff go right climbing over the moor to Loch Muck. Caution Eriff may have dogs in the yard so you may choose to push round the north of Loch Muck or the south of the cottage. I have been through the yard 3 or 4 times and was bothered only once by two great danes.
From Loch Bradan there is an alternative harder more technical good singletrack route to Loch Doon by leaving the track before Ballochbeatties left arond the south side of Loch Bradan 2.5km then turning up a singletrack away from the loch climbing very steeply at times over toward Loch Finlas south side and through the forest to Loch Doon.
Straiton Dailly
Start at Straiton park at the north edge of the village next to the play park. Cycle through the village south on the minor road toward Newton Stewart, beyond the school and before the cemetery turn off right. Follow the track to Craigfad and on up toward Knockskae. Before Knockskae go right through a metal gate onto a forest track which goes round the south side of Glenalla Fell with a 250m push between the tracks.
Exit the forest at MR342011, go right and then next left over the moor past Blair (MR325025) in Glenlee wood go off left up a steep track (signposted)  following it round over a muddy farm track onto singletrack, eventually out to the B741.
Take the next minor road left climb to Whitehill farm entrance and take the track opposite down to Dailly and Tilly's tea room.
Glen Trool to Clatteringshaws Loch
From Stroan Bridge east of Glentrool village follow the minor road on the north side of Loch Trool, continue through the car park bypassing Buchan to Glenhead.Corss the burn and climb up to the forest road. Simply follow this road 13km, ignoring a left turn down to the River Dee and staying on tarmac beyond Craigencaliie, to Clatteringshaws Loch and a further 3km to the old Edinburgh road.
Wanlockhead Fingland
This is a remote difficult dry weather only track. From Wanlockhead go northwest up by the Wanlock Water keeping right through the forest to Spango Bridge. From Spango Bridge cycle up the ridge following a track to Dod hill. The track is intermittent over Lamb Know. In the low ground between Shiel Hill and Meikle Knypes head north on a quad track crossing Spango Water to the good track to Gareland and Fingland.
West Kilbride to Largs

Leave the station car park turning right along Cubrieshaw St, with the garage on your left.
Go right at Gateside St out of the town going straight on (left) at the island.
150m past the island turn right up toward Crosbie Main farm.
In 1km fork left up past the farm and in a further 300m pass the red brick water treatment building, through a gate and along the now rough track, passing a reservior as you cycle to the edge of the moor.
Through the gate go left along the wall climbing gently, just beyond the sheep pens fork a little left off the obvious quad track, continue along the wall fork right a little off the main track diagonally uphill becoming steep and narrow.
Continue diagonally up on a very narrow intemittent track. Then contour around the hill on a more obvious track but very narrow. Descend to the burn, cross it and make you way up and right to the road. Turn downhill 400m and just before the trees on the right go up a track on the right. Continue along this track for 1.5km beside the wall all the way to its end at a gate, through the gate , left 15m, through another gate, right along the wall 200m to another gate into the trees.
Go onto the track beyond the gate.
In 250m admire the view of Largs over a gate but continue in the trees for another 300m where you must go over a stile (nice view a few paces left) cross a burn and go up to a gate (25m).
Cross the field diagonally down to a gate, through the gate, crossing the field diagonally right to a dip and access to the Fairlie Glen footpath.

If you are going to Fairlie turn left down to the castle, left behind the castle down a narrow track then straight on at the bottom to the main road.
.If going to Largs climb up to a gate on the left, go through it passing Bourtrees in 300m continue into Kelburn turning right uphill.
At the top of the climb opposite Fairlieward entrance zig zag downhill on a rough road over a bridge and continue 2km out to Hailie Brae and down to Largs..

Stranraer Ballantrae
I am only familiar with the Dirniemow, Lagafater Lodge, Berneraird to Ballantrae part of this route which was fine. The route in Kennedy Gardens looks fine on the map and has various options. The walk route follows the SUW but exits via Glenkitten Fell which I did many years back with no trouble but things may have changed so I am only suggesting the route without recent knowledge.
Glen Afton Fingland
This route is better cycled from Fingland to Glen Afton to get the downhill to Vennel and off Blackcraig Hill there is still a push up to Quintin Knowe on Blackcraig Hill. If walking there is a short section along the busy A76 so care is needed, however the route avoids much road walking and is shorter than walking down Glen Afton and through New Cumnock.