Mountain bikeMuirsheil to
Wemyss Bay
Distance 44km 250m climb
This route is a combination of trails but result in an A to B rather than a circuit
so drop off and pick up is needed.
The start is Muisheil country park behind Lochwinnoch but being dropped at
Meikle Cloak part way up reduces the climb but still gives a good cycle up to the
Beyond Muirshiel keep to the east side of the burn, do not cross the bridge.
Go across the moor and then right after 4km to descend to the B788 at Gateside
near Kilmacolm.
Go left and then right along the track starting beside Chapel.
At the minor road go left back to the B788 then left and right to Griff reserviors,
cross the dam between Griff reserviors go right along the bank at the far side to
the second gate, go through the gate and make your way to the left of the clump
of trees (farm ruin) to pick up a trail round to Whitelees cottage and the mast on
the hill.
At the minor road go left and then in about 300 leave the road onto a track across
to New Yetts reservior (faint near Yetts reserv) and then the better track to
Cornalees, from here (New Yetts) you can add a section of trail around the
lovely Greenock cut at Overton to Cornalees.
Teas and snacks are available at Cornalees centre.
Leaving Cornalees go left and at the top of the hill (150m) go right through a
small gate onto the Kelly cut.
Follow the cut to Kelly reservior and continue on toward Wemyss bay.
Look out for a track left well down the road and opposite the caravan park, go
along this (left) and right before the bridge on single track down to Wemyss bay
and the Seaview cafe.
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