Loch Thom
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Kelly cut
Overton cut
Cornalees Bridge  Landranger 63
Route 1 (black arrows) 9km, 60m climb.
Route 2 (red spots) 14km, 200m climb, some push.
Good views, especially route 1.

Interest - Cornalees visitor centre.
Route 1 (black arrows) Parking at Cornalees bridge centre MR241721
Exit the car park and turn left onto a tarmac road heading north. Continue over the hill on the
rougher track descending to Overton. Return via Overton cut contouring along the hillside with
magnificent views over the Clyde toward the Highlands.

Route2 (red spots) Parking at Cornalees bridge centre
exit the carpark and turn left onto the tarmac road north. This road becomes a track beyond the
house in about 1km.. At the highest point on the track turn left uphill again past the
communication mast and right to the reservior. From the north tip of the reservoir follow the cut
to the next two reservoirs and then the track back to the main track. Turn left down hill then
right beside the reservoir. Use best route over the moor to the tarmac road, cross the road and
turn uphill on tarmac past another mast and Whitlees cottage (MR278733). Turn right after 2 km
on this track toward ruins of Burnhead and Glenbrae to Gryfe reservoir dam. Cross the dam,
turn right and follow rough track and tarmac road back to the start.

Route 3 Kelly cut Click here
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