Loch Goil and Carrick Castle Distance 39km overall climb 1600m  

The second section of this route it is only for those who can happily carry their bikes for extended periods uphill and over rough terrain.

I started this route at Whistlefield on the East side of Loch Eck. This means the highlight of the trip, Carrick Castle, is midway.

Follow the road to Ardentinny for 2km turning off it onto a cycle track near the top of the climb. It is possible to get onto rough track earlier than this if desired. Rejoin the tarmac road after 2km of rough track descent. 2.5km further turn left into Stronvochlan going left just before the forest car park on to forest track. Keep right at the next two junctions and eventually descend to the lovely lochside track. This track meanders very pleasantly for 3km before doing some serious climbing up a beautifully twisting track. After many bends there is a marked trail straight on at a left bend, this trail is lots of fun but slippy in the wet. At the bottom is a little wooden bridge and the trail deteriorates eventually to a push along the edge of the shore for 500m or so to field edges and finally a good road from Ardnahein.

  Enjoy the Lochside views for 6km of tarmac road including the wonderful setting of Carrick Castle. At Lettermay just before Corrow leave the road and climb the forest track. Keeping left in 200m, left again in 1km and after a total 2km turn right down to the Lettermay burn. At the end of the trees at a right bend, go up the faint track between the trees and the burn toward the waterfall and white markers. Climb very steeply on rough ground beside the lovely waterfall (carrying the bike) push, carry, ride the bike (sometimes in the waters edge) for 2km along the north side of Curra Lochan. A quad track helps a little. Eventually follow marker down through the trees, cross the burn to a track on the south side of the glen and enjoy a huge descent almost all the way down to Loch Eck. I returned along the road but for those with more go than me there is a forest track option starting with a massive climb then eventually down the road to Whistlefield and the start.